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    Buon Vino Mini Jet Filter $150, plus actual shipping

    Dan and Tom, I've just got confirmation that the filter shipped to mr would be $177. So I am over priced. I'm going to lower th price to 130. Thanks for your help. -Ryan
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    Buon Vino Mini Jet Filter $150, plus actual shipping

    Hey Wade! Yeah, I've taken some time off but my supply is starting to run low, so I'm thinking wine again. Maybe this will buy me a nice kit if I sell :) Good to see you around!
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    Buon Vino Mini Jet Filter $150, plus actual shipping

    I may have to lower my price. In the meantime I've looked at that link and found it's $143 to buy, and that didn't seem to include shipping. I've sent the company a link to find the right price. Still when I search Google prices seem to be in the $180 price range. If it doesn't sell then I...
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    Buon Vino Mini Jet Filter $150, plus actual shipping

    Thanks to the info. I looked at best prices when I did list it. If you could post that link for me I will definitely lower the price. But I think they may have gone up in price since they were that cheap.
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    Buon Vino Mini Jet Filter $150, plus actual shipping

    Lowered price to $130. Thanks I bought a Buon Vino Mini Jet Filter about 4 years ago. I used it once in 2006. Then it sat on a shelf because I got into beer making. I used it one other time on my wines that I've had. I still do wine, but not very often and I have much more time to let them...
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    someone check my math; weight of K-meta

    Part of the reason I don't calibrate the 1tsp level myself is because depending on the chemical, compaction, and other stuff will change how much 1 tsp weighs (part of the reason I'm going away from measuring by volume). I know its a bit anal, but I'm type A, so it helps me to sleep at...
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    someone check my math; weight of K-meta

    I'm trying to make a sanitizer solution. It tells me 4tsp per 1/2 gal of water to sanitize. I am switching from measuring by volume, instead to measuring by weight. So anyone know how much 4 tsp of K-meta should weigh? I'm using a very small precise scale.... oz's or grams... I'll probably...
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    adding activated carbon to rid wine of oxidation?

    Can anyone verify if the carbon is the same thing out of a Britta water filter (before I add a little). Thanks, ryan. Ps cool snake thing but I'd like to avoid another toy.
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    adding activated carbon to rid wine of oxidation?

    I was listening to an old episode of Robert Linders wine talk (a podcast, not sure about the name). But one winemaker said he had overaged a wine in a barrel and the wine had oxidized. He added activated carbon to fix the wine. I, too, have done this recently. By not topping up enough, and not...
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    Good info pete, thanks. I actually just started storing wine in corny kegs under a layer of Co2 with no pressure. I was unsure if it was absorbing into the wine or not. I had planned to get argon or nitrogen. Just wasn't sure which was cheaper or more accessible. Looks like maybe I'll just...
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    2008 Merlot grapes diary: Suggestions welcome

    2008 Merlot Vineyards Idaho notes 9/25/08 I picked up barely over 300 lbs of grapes and split them three ways with Matt and Greg. I got them from Dick who owns and operates a Vineyard in Idaho. I drove up one day, 5.5 hrs away from my house to his vineyard and helped him pick all 300 lbs of...
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    winery extra

    I've bought raw grapes from wineries twice now. One is currently underway, and the other was magnificent (if I do toot my own horn a little) :)
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    What are the Pros and Cons of Filtering?

    I have a filter and have done it both ways. I, too, have found that white 'stuff' in a bottle, even after filtering. I have done wines since, filtered and unfiltered and found they do not have that 'stuff' in them. Here are a few things I have 'fixed' about my technique. I bulk age a LONG time...
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    Napa Sonoma Trip report (long post)

    Well it’s been some time since I’ve written on here, so I thought I would stop by and say hi. Maybe even share some of my recent experiences with everyone. Every year I take a trip to the Napa Sonoma California area to taste and pick up some high quality wines. Since I live in Utah, I do not...
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    EZ Oak Idea....

    I was thinking of a new oak idea over the weekend. I have recently found, since going to oak cubes, sticks, or spirals, I have a lot of oak chips left over. I’m talking about the bigger oak chips about the size of one’s fingernail. Okay, that’s gross… lets say…. The size of an M&M...