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  • I'm following the Wild Grapes Kit timeline and instructions.
    I plan to back sweeten before I put it in hibernation for 60 days then bottle.
    So far so good. I like WG Kit's better than Fontana. The money is in the same.
    RocketBee, I began with 48 ozs.of whole Blueberries and 1and half cups of lemon pulp I had from the Lemoncello I was making.
    That was 1/16...
    I pitched the 1118 yeast as a second yeast in on the 21St with 1/2 cup of raw sugar sprinkled on the top.
    Kept it at a constant 70 to72°.. and with a lose fit lid..left it alone.
    Checked the SG today the 26th and it's 0.998.
    Tastes a little dry for me.
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