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    What are you making and what have you made ???

    Just finishing off a bubbly wine made from the flowers of an ornamental grape. It flowers prolifically in spring/early summer and it has one of the freshest, clean and pleasant perfumes of any flower I have sniffed, so I thought I would make some bubbly out of it. The wine is very promising -...
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    Kit vs Natural and vise versa

    We have a 'Trent', so I only make wines out of things I grow. Trent is our son-in-law and a wine buyer. (No, you can't have him.) Also, kits down here are not so readily available. (Never seen them in Costco.) And since I also make everything else, bread, olives, jam, pickles, cheese, sausage...
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    Sparkling Wine Secondary Ferment Time

    I have some rhubarb raspberry fizz that I tried at 1 year old and it was terrible... 3 years later I opened a bottle and it was great. Not just good, but great. Elderflower was good at 1 year but really good at 2. Just about to bottle some grape flower and prunings wine, which is a nice wine...
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    Removing Glue from the outside of bottles!

    The labels that come off in water are easy, just soak them, but MOST sticky labels come off quite easily if you fill the bottle with just boiled water. Don't wet the labels! The labels then usually just peel off. Any sticky residue comes off using eucalyptus oil. Oil comes off in warm soapy...
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    How do you make wine?

    Fruit wines, flower wines, vine prunings wine... My determinator is what I have growing in my garden. Pea pod wine, rhubarb, raspberry, elderlower.
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    Adult root beer

    http://www.makewine.co.nz/instructions-and-recipes/alcoholic-ginger-beer-recipe and https://food52.com/blog/9927-how-to-make-alcoholic-ginger-beer-from-scratch Try a Google search for 'alcoholic ginger beer recipe'. I would like to find a recipe for a clear version along the lines of...
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    Gelatinous wine

    Fixing 'Ropiness" I hope you have not thrown this out yet! This is called 'Ropiness'. It is due to long chains or ropes of bacteria of the gracile bacteria family. There is a simple remedy to fix it. Two Campden tablets per 5 litres should be dissolved in the wine after it has been beaten...