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    Headspace eliminator question

    I have just recently purchased a couple of these from Steve which are going through customs just now. What I was wondering with me being a newbie to all this is if using for bulk aging, providing you periodically check for vacuum would you still add K-Meta every 3 months or so to the...
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    Exposure to headspace

    Thanks, I will look to do that and get some in. Noted on the dosage, I can see how it can be easily mixed up :).
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    Exposure to headspace

    Thanks , that is reassuring to read. With regards to sulphite additions, I do have campden tabs but could obtain Sodium Meta easily with my next brewstore order. If there a defined g/l rate to use?
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    Exposure to headspace

    I am scared to :D. In all seriousness, I will once I rack it in a couple of weeks to age. I was more concerned about this being a slot hitter, you know taking on some o2 and then deteriorating from there. I am still unsure also of how to treat the wine periodically if bulk aging more than a...
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    Exposure to headspace

    I racked from my primary to a secondary vessel the a few evening ago where I added the preservative pack from the Kit (Sodium Meta & Potassium Sorbate), degassed and then the following night added the first lot of finings. During this time the FV was fully sealed with an air tight lid with...
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    Hello from Scotland, UK

    Hi, I am newbie to the wine making scene having been home brewing beer all grain for the past 3.5 years now which I thoroughly enjoy. I live near Glasgow in Scotland, United Kingdom. I have a white wine kit I have just racked to clear with a view to bulk aging and currently fermenting a...