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  1. Reggiano

    Add juice to wine kit?

    Checking acid and ph levels would be a great next step. Thank you!
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    Add juice to wine kit?

    Thank you. I like the 5 gal idea, but all 5 carboys I have are 6 gallons. Tonight I added 3 litres of Newman's Own 100% grape juice to a cheap shiraz kit, then added water to about the 24 litre mark. The SG came in at 1.095, up from 1.090 which seems usual for these kits.
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    Add juice to wine kit?

    Can 100% juice (e.g., grape, cherry) be added to a cheap wine kit during primary fermentation to add flavour and compensate for expected loss due to racking? E.g., Add water to 22 litre mark (instead of 23), and add 2 litres of juice? Or, add even more juice and less water to fortify cheap kit...