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    44 gallon Brute - Amazon Deal of the Day $37.40

    Amazon has the 44 gallon Brute on sale today in case someone is looking for one.
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    New Home - Wine Cellar design help

    I'm building a new home. I need suggestions on where to put the wine cooler and what type. I need to keep it pretty economical. On the plans, the "garage storage" is going to be what we call "The Lab", the brew room. The small 7x7 room on the back corner will be the wine cellar. The...
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    My Apfelwein Attempt

    I left mine dry and carbonated it. It is delicious! It went very fast and I've started 3 more batches.
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    DangerDave's Dragon Blood Wine

    I finally get it.... why people love DB. DB was the first wine I made in early December last year. I made 6 gallons, and then after racking it to secondary, I started an 18 gallon batch. When I first tried it at 3 weeks, I thought it was awful. I was seriously regretting making 18 gallons...
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    WineXpert Instruction HELP! WE Selection International Amarone w/ Skins

    Mystery Solved. LP was able to scan and email me the instructions. This is my first time making this kit. I opened the box to check the ingredients and noticed my instructions were for "Speciale" not selection. I called Global Vinters and they emailed me the Selection ingredients for this...
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    All In One Wine Pump - Major Giveaway!

    Done and Done. Thanks! I don't know what I would do without my AI1. I purchased it before my 2nd batch was out of primary and have never regretted a single penny spent.
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    Apfelwein bottling question

    I have 2 5-gallons of apfelwein sitting in primarys for 10 weeks. They look clear and I'm ready to bottle one of them. I want to bulk age one and then bottle in wine bottles. The other I want to carbonated and bottle in beer bottles today. Do I add kmeta to both? I will be using 1.5 cups...
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    Dragon Port

    I'm curious to see how this one has aged. Who made it and what do you think now? Any changes you would make?
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    making labels

    For my first batch, I printed on plain paper and used a pastry brush to brush the back with milk. They turned out good. A very cheap option.
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    How many gallons of Lon D's Skeeter Pee have been made?

    6 Gallons SP with yeast and 6 gallons SP with Enigma slurry (pretty pale lavender color) 2844+12=2856
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    How do I save my slurry?

    I'm racking my WE enigma this morning. I want to use the slurry to start a SP. I've never made a SP with slurry, so I didn't think through that I should have made the SP yesterday so I could dump in the slurry today. How can I save it until tomorrow? Thanks!
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    saving slurry

    If you are going to make Skeeter Pee, try Danger Dave's "Easy Peesy". It's the same, but with yeast, not a slurry. Very easy. :h
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    What would You do if you were me????

    Option 1. "Only" 13 carboys, and they are filled. Time for more! :db
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    WineXpert Amarone!

    I've got one to start soon too. I'll follow along with yours. Keep me posted.
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    10 gallon fermenter

    I second what Mike said. The 10 gallon Brute from Home Depot is MUCH cheaper than the 10 gallon white fermenter. I have the 10, 20, and 32 gallon. We call them baby, mama, and daddy bear.