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    when good wines gone bad

    Mike, you guys check ip addresses on a regular bases, you already know that I haven't been posting. I know how this forum is run, I had access to the mod area, so please, let's be honest with ourselves. Lori, hunkering down under a over yourself, I've been part of another...
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    when good wines gone bad

    I want to start by saying that I've chosen to avoid posting due to differences of opinions with a few of the admin, I also chose to remain silent to avoid any negative debates here, lord knows that the last time I wanted to try to correct a lot of incorrect info posted on this forum, I was...
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    Stocking up!

    It was time to start stocking up on Hops, yeast and grain, this is some of the yeast and hops that I received today....not to mention that I just scored a great deal on hops, 40 oz of various hops for $50.00 shipped......LOL Lately, unless I can get a good deal on ounce packets, I purchase Hops...
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    New from VA

    Welcome aboard!
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    Possible contamination?

    Yeah, 66 might be a bit too cold for degassing. Do you have a seedling heat mat that you can tie to the carboy, or a brew belt?
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    Possible contamination?

    You should be fine, it would be possible that water could have gotten inside the carboy, but it would have to be one heck of a precision shot to land in the small opening. I would leave the carboy at room temp.
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    First malolactic fermentation

    Open the carboy and stir with a stirrer.
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    Jump from kits to sterile juice

    I always add my own yeast, a yeast that compliments the style or varietal that I'm making, different yeasts will add different characteristics and sensory profiles to the wine. If you hydrate the yeast with Go-Ferm, and add must to the yeast within 15 mins (after 15-30 mins without a source of...
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    New Forum Category?

    You have my vote!
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    Newbie Intro

    Welcome aboard, and welcome to the obsession! A real good investment would be either a 10 gallon fermenting bucket, but I'd recommend getting a 20 gallon brute from Home Depot or Lowes, the Grey brutes are rated as food grade, this way you can make bigger batches of Dragon Blood!
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    First malolactic fermentation

    Nickausjames, WLP675 is a finicky strain, White Labs recommends pitching is (co-fermenting) when the must reaches a gravity of approximately 5 brix. Your Ph is fine for this strain, as far as temps, White Labs states that 60F is the recommended low, however this strain can tolerate down to 55F...
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    Jump from kits to sterile juice

    I've made some outstanding wine from Juice buckets, I normally age for approx 1.5 yrs for the reds and 6 months for whites. I don't know who told you three yrs, but if you have the patience, I'm sure that they will only get better.
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    Flowers of wine? Please say no!

    How does it smell and taste? Any off odors or smells? I'd rack it to a clean carboy and test the SO2 level again.
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    Post a photo, any photo

    Derek, what Caliber?