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    4th Annual Chilean Juice Workshop

    Come discover the professional tips and techniques for a better wine with your Chilean Juice Pails. This is your opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the Chilean winemaking process, and gain insider insight. This year we will also be featuring frozen Spanish must pails. Learn how...

    Cellarmasters 41st

    Congratulations everyone!

    Choosing the Best Yeast for Your Wine

    Yeast selection is one of the most important decisions in the winemaking process. The yeast strain you use will determine the style of wine you create, as well as the characteristics that the wine may take on. To determine the best yeast to be used, you should match the yeast strain with the...

    Limited Time Sale on Wine Kits For WMT Members Only

    Presque Isle Wine Cellars has a limited supply of wine kits on sale. RJ Spagnols Orange Chocolate Port for $79.00 RJ Spagnols Cranapple Chardonnay. $59.00 Act quick if you're interested, as these will sell quick. Again this special is being offered only to members on this forum. We will...

    Finger lakes International Wine Competition

    Pictured below are the wines we entered into the latest competition in the Finger Lake.

    Happy Fermentations!

    A winemaker's favorite kind of bubbles are those created by a busy ferment. We had our share of them this week with wines and yeast hydrations. It was a beautiful thing! The grapes are all in for the season just in time for the cold temperatures and rain that is about to be upon us. It's...

    Tonnellerie Mercier barrels

    PLEASEJOIN US FOR A FREE INFORMATIONALSESSION FOR CELLAR MASTERS Tuesday, May 22nd1:30pm Isle House atPresque Isle Wine Cellars 9488 West MainRoad, North East, PA Presented by YannBordier from Tonnellerie Mercier Barrels Complimentary buffet...

    Presque Isle Wine Cellars

    Chilean Juice arrived today for pick up. Remember if you puchased pails you get a 15% discount on 6 gallon carboys.

    Presque Isle Wine Cellars

    Friday, April 6, 2012 Presque Isle Wine Cellars 9440 West Main Road Hurry! April 20th deadline! North East, PA 16428 1.800.488.7492 2012 Curico Valley Chilean Grape Juice Pails Don’t miss out!! Reserve your order by...

    This Forums Attitude and Everyday Postings

    We also agree with all of the above postings and that's why we're happy to be a proud sponsor on this great forum.

    Presque Isle Wine Cellars

    Below is an updated list of upcoming events. March 13—Wine fining and filtering Are you a little cloudy on how to clarify? We’ll make it crystal clear! You’ll learn about the fining agents that are available and when to use them along with your options for filtration. Marc Boettcher will...

    American Wine Society Conference and Competition

    Presque Isle Wine Cellar is proud to be a sponsor of the American Wine Society Conference in Pittsburgh this year. We encourage everyone in the area to attend this educational and fun event. This is a great time to showcase your wines.

    Presque Isle Wine Cellars

    Below we have listed several events to look forward to in the next couple of months. February 3—Put to the Test Our instructor will review the importance of the following tests: sugar, Free So2, total acid, Ph and Chromatography Testing. You’ll learn when they should be measured along with...

    Presque Isle Wine Cellars

    Thanks DoctorCAD. It was such a beautiful day today as we were busy bottling 2010 Merlot. Below is a picture of the of the sunrise this morning. Hopefully the groundhog will see his shadow Thursday!

    Presque Isle Wine Cellars

    This week we were busy racking 2011's harvest into barrels. This is a view of a creek that runs by the winery just outside of the barrel room. A few hudred feet down stream is a small fish hatchery.