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    Steam Clean Barrels?

    I made my own barrel steamer. and I have used it now for two years. This is what I wrote a couple years ago. "Being laid up with a hip replacement allows me a lot of time to think about my wine making processes. One issue that always bothered me was maintenance and cleaning of my barrels. Up...
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    tankless water heater for winery

    And if you want to buy American you really have only one choice... Bradford White
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    Intentional oxidation

    Why do you want it oxidized?
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    How long can you ignore your wine?

    I also go south for the winter and have no problems. I use the waterless air locks on my carboys and have 5 barrels with solid bungs. I adjust sulphite levels just before i leave and have not had a problem.
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    Big and Bold again!

    Great! I'm in.
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    Cold crashing/stabilization of wine

    No worries on picking up or absorbing more co2 but do let the wine warm to room temperature before bottling. Chances are you will need to rack the wine after being cooled. you're likely to drop out lots of acid crystals.
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    Lafitte Cork

    Speaking of that, I am ready whenever you are. I am down to probably less than 100. Let me know when you are ready to order.
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    Looking for ideas to increase body of wine

    Go for the barrel! A barrel will take your winemaking to a whole new realm. For me it was the missing ingredient in making an excellent wine. I now have six of them in constant rotation. 1 - 60 gallon, 4-15 gallon and 1-10 gallon.
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    Too cold? and airlocks okay for storage?

    Steve, those cool temps wont hurt anything, in fact it may actually help precipitate some acid out of the wine which can be a good thing depending where your grapes are sourced. I would use airlocks instead of solid bungs because changes in atmospheric pressures can cause expansion of the wines...
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    Bottle sparger

    The question has to be asked... Why are your wines going bad in a couple years? I've never felt the need to have a bottle sparger and my wines from 6 years ago are still fine.
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    buckets and buckets - how to doctor them up?

    You are going to love that Petite Sirah! I would add a couple tablespoons of tannin, dissolved in a cup of boiling hot water, early in the fermentation. then after it has dropped most of it's sediment I would add 4 oz. medium or heavy toast american oak cubes, leave them in there for several...
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    I like having a Jersey Wife

    JohnT, I've been doing the low carb diet and it works for me. I do allow 1 beer a day but probably only drink 2 or 3 a week. I've lost 65 pounds so far and have never felt better!
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    Golf underwear

    Don't you just hate auto-correct?
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    Hydrometer calibration correction or replacement?

    I'm probably going to loose the little bit of respect I have but I haven't used my hydrometer for at least a couple years. I normally make wine with Juice buckets and I finish them by taste. I'm not sure I even know where my hydrometer is. It was an important tool learning this craft but now...
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    Post a photo, any photo

    This picture was from our October trip to South Dakota. So peaceful! Taken at Pathways Spiritual Sanctuary, Lead, South Dakota