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    2020 Chilean Grape Plans

    7 days since crush, no fruit flies what so ever this year. I guess this cool spring has kept them at bay.
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    2020 Chilean Grape Plans

    I agree, but I have found 2 lugs to a bucket and long soak gets pretty close to all grape. And the price point this way ends up around $2.50 per bottle.
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    2020 Chilean Grape Plans

    I usually do a few all grape batches and buckets on the skins after press. This year lugs and buckets together single ferment and then more buckets on the skins after press.
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    2020 Chilean Grape Plans

    Finally got to Gino Pinto's today. 8 lugs and 4 pails of malbec. Fruit looks great, pick up was easy. Crushed and soaking with enzymes.
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    2020 Chilean Grape Plans

    Yo dude, the stars aren't aligning I had to move my pick-up to saturday morning.
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    2020 Chilean Grape Plans

    Well thank you sir. What did you get this year? How was the fruit quality?
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    2020 Chilean Grape Plans

    Called Gino Pintos today, picking up 12 lugs and 4 buckets of malbec on friday. Hope everyone is doing well during these times. Feeling very fortunate to be able to continue this hobby.
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    Glucoamy Enzyme Question

    I've been thinking about making a banana wine. Does the banana flavor come through? As to your question if you are using ripe bananas the starch at that point down to 1%. But glucoamylase enzyme probably would get that last 1% converted.
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    Super Tuscan Advice for 2020 season

    I like your sangio to cab ratio. Petite Verdot or Petite Syrah are good for this, inky in color like Alicante. Alicante can make a good wine on it's own, I used it to blend and stand alone this past year. But like the other two better. My opinion cab franc would be better if you wanted to...
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    Noob questions

    You got the right yeast for your first batch. As was mentioned before 1/4 packet will be fine. Whole packet fine too. With wine, like @Ajmassa says, loose lid or towel is fine through primary fermentation. On any subsequent blueberry batches consider grape concentrate instead of straight...
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    2020 Chilean Grape Plans

    Malbec, Carmenere and Petite Verdot here, probably another field blend.
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    Cost of grapes going down?

    Edit: Sorry just saw someone else posted this. Will we see the cost of lugs come down? I think they went sideways last year.
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    Split and Store ML Bacteria

    I split both vp41 and CH16 into thirds or fourths, the last coupe years. Put in small vials. Have used up to 9 months later with no issue.
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    Beer to drink while waiting on wine to age?

    Do a search for a Coors Light Clone kit if that's what you like there are few out there. A kit will be extract plus some grains or all extract. I started with kits and then went full blown all-grain. I have since switched to primarily wine making but still make about 4 10-gallon batches of...
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    What's on your wine maker's Christmas list?

    My Christmas wish list is for all my reds to have aged a year or two over this holiday.