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    Invinity wine on tap

    I keep mine in my cold room which I use as a wine cellar. No room in the fridge!
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    Invinity wine on tap

    I have one and like it for early drinking things like you describe. I've heard, not sure it's true or not, that you shouldn't keep anything in the bag for longer than 6 months.
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    Wine Club Recommendations

    The first post talked about 100-200 every three months. Sounds good to me. I don't spend 100 per bottle; can't afford that!
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    Wine Club Recommendations

    Reviving a dead thread to ask, what other WA wine clubs do you recommend? I'm interested in moderate priced reds...
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    Festa Grape Juice

    Degas the wine? When I was new, I didn't Degas the wine sufficiently and it was like a sparkling when I opened the bottles. No problem, just decant and the wine is fine. Not dangerous as long as the top doesn't come off.
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    A bit off topic but still winery related

    Good Luck! I'll take my loan repayment in wine Just kidding, maybe.
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    Using homemade juice instead of wine kit juice.

    Sounds interesting. I'd love to hear about the jelly your mom makes. You might want to add some sugar to boost the SG. You can do it now, even if you've already added the yeast.
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    Update: Removing Corona ink labels

    That's exactly how I clean any bottle with painted labels, except I use very warm water to mix up the stars San. Good to know I don't actually need warm water!
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    Other woods?

    Curious if you ever finished this experiment Downwards?
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    RJ Spagnols Unacceptable kit odor in all RJS and WE

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say that home winemaking may not be for you. I don't think anyone is trying to pass of their homemade wines as first growth Bordeaux, but are appreciating them for what they are: decent wine that we can be proud to say we made. I live in rural WI and it's very...
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    RJ Spagnols Unacceptable kit odor in all RJS and WE

    I haven't been doing this long, 3 years, but my kit wines are much better than yellow tail. I've heard that the sorbate causes a geranium odor if you try and age the wine more than 2 years. Besides if you don't have residual sugar, you don't need the sorbate. I agree that opus one...
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    Will my wine improve

    Let it rest minimum a month after bottling, IMO. The longer you can let it rest the better...
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    Small Winery Rotary Fermentor

    I have seen a similar idea in wines and vines. GoFermentor I think it was called. Have you used this much?
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    Growing grapes in Wisconsin???

    Where in Wisconsin is this bit of heaven?
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    How can I darken my Red Wine

    I am by far no expert, having NEVER made wine directly from grapes, but I have heard of people putting a small amount of petit syrah in their wines to make it more red. I've also heard about something called mega-purple which the cheap commercial wine makers use to increase the color in their...