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    All in One Wine Pump Giveaway!

    I'm in Good luck to everybody and thanks for the giveaway :br
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    CA winemaker club

    Hello everybody Is there any home winemaker club in Southern California ? Thanks Mike
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    Avery label printing question

    You can also use a free template from her is the link I hope this help ( may be too late)
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    Another earthquake in nz

    Allie our prayers are with you, hoping everybody is ok, we are thinking of you
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    Temperature question

    The ideal temperature for your juice is between 70 and 75 degrees once the fermentation star it would generate heat by itself hope this help good luck
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    Ferment not happening or am I too impatient?

    The 3 "P" rules Patience, Patience, patience and welcome to the forum what are you making and what is your temp ? it should start within 48 hs (not 48 minutes LOL)
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    Newbie, and New Hobby

    welcome to the forum, my suggestion is call george at finevinewine, they will help you with whatever you need, starter kit etc, good service great prices,and enjoy this great hobby
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    Equipment Sanitizing Question?

    I just mix 3 Tbsp of Potassium metabisulfite to 1 gallon of water You can sanitize almost anything with that hope it help
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    Oak Chips

    Also don't trow away your "used" oak chips, let them dry and use them as smoke chips in your BBQ to smoke meat, You'll be surprise IMO