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    black cherry kool-aid

    There’s no need to defend yourself hounddawg. I think it sounds absolutely fun. If you’re not trying new things, you’re not going to learn new things. There’s no need to be snobby about wine; make what you like, drink what you make, and make sure to share!
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    Best label removal hack EVER

    I toss any bottles that don’t peel cleanly with the oven method. That’s about 30% or so for me.
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    WineXpert Island Mist Supplement

    Pomegranate (Pom Wonderful) would probably be great
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    Noob Here

    my hubby donated all his old "mr beer" plastic beer bottles to me for my wine. I use them for the quick drinkers like skeeter pee or kit wines. No worries. And you can absolutely bottle wine in beer bottles and cap it. Nice generous single servings there. :D
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    Stuck fermentation mint wine

    What is the temperature of the must? What yeast did you use?
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    What's your location?

    probably should leave off that last bit as it's neither here nor there and thoroughly unwelcome.
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    Leaves Turning Brown

    Ahh, Big League Chew, a nice bit of nostalgia for me.
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    What are you making and what have you made ???

    Started a pineapple mandarin tonight. I hear horror stories about both so this shall be interesting! I make a pretty bangin’ mango so I think I’ll muddle through okay.
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    Just got diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux

    I’ve been taking one antacid or another (currently pantoprazole) for 15 years... it does get better, and as long as you remember to take your meds you should be pretty okay! It does suck the most right after diagnosis though.
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    Broken Corks/Bottle Tops

    Well now I want to see the SNL skit :h
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    Water layer?? After racking

    Well OK then. It has resumed fermentation and it “dissolved“ the ‘water’ layer. I guess all is well?
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    Water layer?? After racking

    I have been step feeding a coffee wine, but I have to leave on a business trip so I racked it at gravity 1.015. approximately two minutes later, I saw a clear layer form on top of my wine. I have not encountered this before. What gives?
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    Irish Coffee

    An Irish woman of advanced age visited her physician to ask his help in reviving her husband’s libido .. “What about trying Viagra? asks the doctor . “Not a chance”, she said . “He won’t even take an aspirin” .. “Not a problem”, replied the doctor . “Give him! an “Irish Viagra” . It’s when...
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    I just got one from label peelers last week.
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    Fermenting issue with Skeeter Pee

    Extract. I’ve seen too many posts on here with issues in regard to real coconut, so I stick to extract with this one, or flavored syrup.