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    Saignée Percentage

    Well I did it last night, the grapes are alicante, and I went with 20%.
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    Saignée Percentage

    What percentage of juice is good to run off before fermentation in order to concentrate color and flavor. How much is too much and makes an overly tannic wine. thanks
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    Speidel Fermenters and Apple Wine

    They are rated to 140F.
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    does anyone know the rate that SO2 leaves a corked bottle

    For example if a bottle has 50 ppm and is stored at 60f. what will it be in a year? Assuming that the cork is good. thanks
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    Other Fermenting a kit dry that wasn't meant to

    I've been wondering this for a while now. If a kit says its off dry can it be fermented all the way dry, or have they added something to keep it sweet after it has completely fermented? for example could a reisling kit be fermented so that it is dry like Alsation reisling, or will it ferment out...
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    RJ Spagnols Which kit would you pick 16L or 12L w/skins?

    That makes sense. Thanks
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    RJ Spagnols Which kit would you pick 16L or 12L w/skins?

    Just curious because I was planning on trying the Stags Leap Merlot. How would you describe the taste difference between these 2 kits. thanks
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    Purchasing wine online

    I don't know how they ship, They are fairly close to me so I just go there, I have shipped from WL a couple times when it was free and saved me the ride, but never shipped from gary's.
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    Purchasing wine online

    is it winelibrary? try garyswine.
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    Preservative free concentrates?
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    Exoskeleton Plastic Carboy...

    Wouldn't the container be at the highest risk of collapse when its empty? As it fills the risk of collapse should decrease.
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    Exoskeleton Plastic Carboy...

    I've been wondering since I got the all in one, and just did a quick test with a 20 liter Speidel. I pumped it until the top bent in a little bit then stopped and let the air in. It really held a lot of vacuum I don't have a gauge, so I can't quantify it, but it was a lot. I might try a transfer...
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    Preservative free concentrates?

    Are you certain it the sulphides that are bothering you, because is far more likely that it's biogenic amines.
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    What yeast to make Woodchuck (a hard cider)

    There is no yeast character in Woodchuck, so any neutral yeast. The way they make the mass produced sweet hard ciders is to make a neutral cider at the target alc %. then filter it add apple flavoring, back sweeten and force carb. They all use flavorings because real cider just doesn't taste...
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    Low Ph after MLF

    I force carb my cider but don't use so2 specifically because of the one I tasted and didn't like. The only downside is after doing chromatography on it it looks like my cider is spontaneously doing an mlf.