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    This Years Cab Sav

    They are from some friends of mine. I think it is a 10 acre vineyard. We had enough people to stomp them all in about a hour. also this was the end of their harest. I have some Cab sav and cab Franc from the same vineyard from 2 years ago and yes it taste good now, but will be better with age.
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    This Years Cab Sav

    This how I spent Saturday night 860lbs of Cab Sav grapes to stomp and crush destem. We ended up with around 88 gallons of must. Then the party started.
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    need a carboy

    I have found 6 gallon ones at Liquor Barn here in Ky. Bad thing now they are not stocking much now. I was going to get some bottles last week but the shelves were empty of a lot of wine making supplies. Mark
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    Where to find

    Thanks Wade I will try that next year in season. Mark
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    Where to find

    Sorry about that I have updated my info. Mark
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    Where to find

    I am looking for juice in 55 gallon drum. Cab Franc, Sheraz, Cab Sav. would be interested in whites also. Sorry about that I live in central Kentucky Mark
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    Wine Barrels

    I do some work for a wine barrel factory. They use a gas fire for the toasting, what the guide for light, medium, or dark toast is I don't know but I do know that it will make the flavors different. Mark
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    Wine Press "Reconditioning" Project

    If you know anyone who has a glassbead cabnit or sand blast tank that would clean it very well but I would have to use baking soda as the media.
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    Anyone have their own vineyard?

    I just planted 50 Riesling and 50 Shiraz vines in central Kentucky. To bad I will not get anything out of them for 3-4 years. Lucky I have a friend that has mature vines. I will more than likely add 50 - 100 vines next year.
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    Will filtering take out all the lees when racking to the secondary. Also when doing any other racking??? Thanks Mark
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    how do you see the lees?

    What about one of the Better Bottles. It would be a lot cheaper on the shipping end, but I don't know about the cost of the bottle. Also you can use the spout to drain the lees of. I am thinking of getting one for my next run.
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    Do I need to place the lid on tight or no lid at all on the primary fermenter? Instructions say to use the lid but dosen't it need to get air to ferment correctly? Thanks racer turning to wine making:)
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    Hello From Kentucky

    I would like to say hello from central Kentucky. I am ready to start making some wine. From what I have been reading here there is a lot of people that can help out. Thanks in advance.