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    Blocked from Jack Keller

    All the computers I try to access the Jack Keller website say that the IP address is blocked. Does anyone know whats going on?
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    Wax Over Corks

    Does anyone put wax over there corks when they bottle? I have noticed some commercial wineries do it along with some old guys who bottle wine.
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    My First Label Also

    Hi Everyone - This is my first label, The wine is from white Niagara grapes and its so good. What does everyone think? Its nothing special, just a simple photo but I think its cool. I stole the photo from one of the members on the site, hope no one cares. Is there any special paper which...
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    Getting Ready To Bottle

    I'm 100% Italian and all I meant was that there prices are as if they are. There are places around them that charge 20% less then them.
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    Strawberry Champagne

    Thanks everybody for the input, I guess its not as uncommon as I thought. Im going to try it in the fall when i get some white grapes.
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    Getting Ready To Bottle

    Cali Brothers is run by the mob, Go to M&M in Hartford its cheaper. Or go to the New Haven fruit market and ask around. Thats where the best deals are.
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    Getting Ready To Bottle

    4 dollars a pound is getting completely ripped off.
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    Dago Red

    Dago Red is a derogatory name for Italian home made Wine. In Italy it was made with savongese grapes (the one Chianti is made with) In califorina Zinfandel is the American version of the savongese grapes (actually the same seeds). The wine that most of the Italians I know is a Zinfandel Alicante...
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    Strawberry Champagne

    I've been thinking about this for a while. Basically I wanted to know if anyone has made champagne from fruit wines. I talked to a guy who made it from regular white grape wine using the riddling method but I wanted to see if anyone has done it and how it tasted. Any thoughts ideas would also be...
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    Getting Ready To Bottle

    For you guys in CT. The best store in CT for wine making is Maltose Express in Monroe. They literally have everything, a little pricey but great advice. Buying your grapes from M&M fruit and produce, they have the best prices outside of the New Haven produce market. Down there you can get cases...
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    Old-school winemaking...

    I also have a similar experiance, My uncle makes wine the "old" way also. He puts the grapes in with the stems, sticks, leafs, and claims thats where the alcohol comes from. He ages his wine in barrels that are older than time. Honestly one is 80 years old. But somehow every year his wine comes...
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    Topping off with Marbles

    I topped of with marbles this year and to tell you the truth it was nothing but a huge pain in the a*s. Getting them in and out of the carboy, rinsing the lees off them, it takes 10 bags of marbles from the x-mas tree shop to fill up the bottle from the shoulders to the neck. It also makes each...
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    Milk Jugs

    Does anyone know if milk jugs are food grade plastic? Can they be used for storing wine?
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    Cabernet taste

    My Family adds grapa to the wine sometimes during bottling. If you want I would try a quarter shot of zambuca when bottling to see if you get the flavor you are looking for. Do it on 3 or 4 bottles, the liquor wont do anything to the wine b/c that's how they make port (wine + brandy).
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    Wine Barrels

    If I don't retoast the barrel, bacteria might remain on the barrel staves. If I toast the barrel some off flavors may be put into the wood but the bacteria will definatley be killed. Thats what I am assuming anyway from some internet research. Also the chips and cubes come pre-toasted in...