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    Wine growing and making newbie

    Pruning, canopy management, leaf pulling, cluster thinning may help to deliver better more mature fruit with higher sugar and lower acid. You can pick yeasts to reduce acid like CLOS or 71b, try to innoculate red to go through MLF to convert malic acid to less harsh lactic acid, you can even put...
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    Need pruning advise

    I would cut back to two clusters per shoot. Noticed improvement in my numbers at harvest when I started doing that with all my hybrids. Just two cents.
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    Riddling Aid

    In Daniel Pambianchi's book he mentions adding tannin @ 20g/hl and also suggests betonite may be used as riddling aids to help in later removal of sediment in making a sparkling wine in traditional method. Any ideas how much betonite? Other ideas? My first time trying a bubbly and I will be...
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    Best time to install trellis?

    Yep, North East Nebraska. We are on a hilly little bit. When I was installing some augered fence posts in the bottom of a Swale I found a lot of that black top soil that had washed down off the tops of the hills and had similar thoughts.
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    Best time to install trellis?

    Yeah, my ground is 11 acres that was part of a typical corn field on a clay based soil when I bought it in 2011. First garden I dug you could not find an earth worm. I have since planted a combination of native grasses and pasture mix. Stopped herbicides and pesticides and have been spreading...
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    Best time to install trellis?

    Coming from a construction background I approached it like I would in construction. Layed out all holes for post and grape Vines and then ran my tractor with augur straight down the line. Drilling holes for posts and grapes at same time. Did all of this after running a single bottom plow ass...
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    Best time to install trellis?

    I finished the trellis after planting on the first four rows I established. Never again. Added another row last year, trellis first very easy. Adding four more rows this spring and the trellis will be in first. Hate playing catch up and working around things when it's so much easier to do...
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    Our new home has grape vines.

    Don't give up on red with Foch and Frontenac. Research yeast that can help reduce acid like lalvin 71B, monitor ripeness (don't pick too early, check brix and pH to confirm) put through MLF to further reduce acid and towards the end before bottling cold stabilize to drop tartaric acid out and...
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    Sometimes bad is actually good.....

    Yep very easy to adjust, love mine. Also my refractometer, great for checking brix while strolling through the vineyard, never use it after fermentation is started though.
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    Klr wine filter

    I have never filtered a wine. Always just racked, settled, repeat, cold stabilze, rack, etc. Bought the filter to try on some wine from this last falls harvest. It will be a last step for me, maybe on just a few gallons. Will update on how it workswfor me when I try it out.
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    What is best to top off a carboy if I have too much headspace

    I ordered food grade marbles a few years ago from one of the common supply shops, I am sure it would be easy enough to find them.
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    how to use a hydrometer for newbies

    Refractometer gives you a quick brix while checking juice or must prior to fermentation, but will not be accurate after fermentation starts, alcohol throws it off. So using a hydometer to measure starting and finishing SG is needed for accuracy.
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    High acid reduction?

    That works, cold as you can with out freezing. Maybe a couple weeks is better. When you take it out rack right away or some tartarut will start to reabsorb if wine warms up.
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    Need advice on selecting varietal to plant

    Yeah, I answered it quick, petite and crimson are sister grapes so expect similar size berries in the cluster.
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    Need advice on selecting varietal to plant

    Valiant is commonly not even classified as a wine grape ( check University of Minnesota classifications and doulble a vineyards, they say it's a juice and jam variety) so I can see replacing it as you say you plan to. I am sure some one is making good wine from it, that said, crimson and petite...