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    Still Here

    Now that he has us all anxiously waiting,,,, he's just sitting back laughing. I am glad to see he is still around.
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    Motorcycling to the bottom of the south Island and back

    I'm soooooo jealous!!! It seems like ages since I've had a good long ride on the Goldwing. To do long rides you have to build up your butt to get used to it. My wife and I started off doing 100 miles, then up to 250 or 300 in a full day. Then did two day rides that would add up to 400 or 500...
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    Another Christmas party goes by,,,

    You don't know what the gift is until you open it. So my package just sat there till the last thing. As far as the rose petal wine, I used a variety of different roses they were going to toss out at work. I tried a glass when I bottled it and it wasn't bad. You definitely got the aroma and...
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    Another Christmas party goes by,,,

    We went to a Christmas party for the second year this past Saturday. It has a lot of people from the Walmart where I work, their friends and family. Last year, I carried several bottles of my wine for the present. Your name gets called, you either open a new present or steal one that you like...
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    How much wine (including mead and pee) do you drink a year?

    When I'm on wine, it's normally two or three bottles a week. My wine gets a break though when I move on to engine degreaser or paint thinner. A week or so ago I made the mistake of having five shots of a WMD and felt like something had detonated inside my head all the next day.
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    can people not read anymore???

    I'm working in a Walmart now,,, and get to see the young families come in with the kids,,, I'm sad to tell you, there is no hope!! Stupid is as stupid does,,, and stupid is going to be around till the end of the Earth!
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    What R you doing today?

    Another day to take my mother to see her sister and brother inlaw in town. We try to take her in at least every couple weeks to visit and shop the weeks inbetween. The inlaws are in their late 80's and mom is in her early 80's.
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    A Quick Question!

    I think the biggest problem a beginner finds is not having patience. Time is a good thing with wine making, but at first you can't wait to taste what you've created. Make two batches of everything,,, one to drink and one to let age so it will be better when you get around to drinking it.
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    I wish they would settle for one or the other and then leave it that way. Back when I worked on a farm and could hunt, just about when the season was going to open and you had time in the afternoon to get in the woods, they would change time and it would be dark!
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    What R you doing today?

    Relaxing after a day of pretty hard work. It's a PITA to go back to laboring again after so many years, but in this recession, one has to do what one has to do. Sure does make it nice to get home and have a hot bath then a drink. I don't know if it's a good or bad thing to still work young...
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    Warning: Check your primary buckets

    I had one primary develop a leak, luckily while I was right there to catch it. But it was given to me and who knows how old it was. If I had my way, I would switch to stainless steel pots for primaries. A 40 quart runs about $80 bucks with a lid and would never go bad.
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    I think that most agree that the biggest thing against bleach is having to rinse to be certain there is no bleach getting into your wine. Then you have to be certain the water you rinse with doesn't have anything to spoil your wine. Personally, I use a little of both. K-meta when I have it on...
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    Music with Wine...

    I'm one of those odd balls that listen to almost every type of music you can think of. Right now, I've got Ozzie Osbourne rocking, but I'm also not drinking wine. My music, just like my drink, varies quite a bit. Mostly, I have to admit to liking something on the hard rocking side.
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    How to start a siphon safely?

    I've never been one for having to go to another's driveway for gas or diesel,,, but living in the country and working on a farm for years, I've done my share of syphoning gas and diesel. If you get good, you can use your thumb on the tip of the hose and not have to use your mouth, but the hose...
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    How Many Trick or Treaters Did You Have?

    Usually we go to my brothers to hand out the candy. He has a five year old son, so it was lots of fun. My girls are grown up and the grandsons are in NC. This time my brother was fighting kidney stones and not up to partying, so we went in to my youngest daughter's house. There we had 8 kids...