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  1. mxsteve625

    I'm Back

    After about 10 years I am back on the forum. I have not made beer or wine in at least 10 years but I am getting back into it. I am currently getting equipment out of mothball. Little nervous about making wine or beer because it has been so long. I am doing alot of research and looking over all...
  2. mxsteve625

    I am back and ready to get re aqainted with my online friends

    Julie we talked about meeting up when I first went to Ohio, However I was working up too, can you believe it 70 hours a week until winter set in both last year and this year. (Thank God I wasn't salary) I will taste the Muscadine this weekend and if alright I will bottle. Is there anything I...
  3. mxsteve625

    I am back and ready to get re aqainted with my online friends

    Hi Julie. No I have not tasted it (afraid too) and it still has a good color to it. It is a Noble. By the way, I was not to far from you were I was staying in OH. Wish I would have had the time to get together and meet you guys in person.
  4. mxsteve625

    I am back and ready to get re aqainted with my online friends

    I am back in Virginia from working in Ohio for the last 1.5 years and ready to get restarted with my beer and wine making. I have a question. I have a Muscadine that has been in the carboy for the last 1.5 years, however the air lock has not been maintained and no water is in it. Also no Kmeta...
  5. mxsteve625

    Learning in Ohio

    Welcome VinMan. Rocky I goggled Ferris Braothers and nothing came up. Any more info?
  6. mxsteve625

    50 lbs Scuppernong whats the recipe

    I may just do that Julie. They have moved me up to Jefferson County, Ohio and I may move accomadations up to Stubenville, OH which is only 39 mins from there. You aren't much further from what Map quest is telling me. I'll PM you as soon as I can find a weekend I'm not working. Thanks for the...
  7. mxsteve625

    What R you doing today?

    CONGRADULATIONS. It'll be over before you know it. Then you can reflect on the accoplihment.:r:r:r
  8. mxsteve625

    Some vineyard pictures

    I saw on the news last night that they are rushing like crazy to pick the grapes in sonama because of all the rain
  9. mxsteve625

    50 lbs Scuppernong whats the recipe

    You guys are makining me sic (home sick) As I have taking this job in Wheeling, WV, I am missing all the muscadine picking. Last years wine is GONE.
  10. mxsteve625

    What's in your wine cellar?

    Thats what happened to most if my wine. Wife and daughter (of age of course)
  11. mxsteve625

    Steve got a job

    Man I am totally out of my element. The hell with Ice road truckers and Swamp loggers...This is crazy. Traffic control and communication and cooridination is something else. Once these trucks start up the mountain thay can't sstop or there tear the re ends out. All this taking place while paving...
  12. mxsteve625

    Muscadine Wine

    YEP! Hide one now. And about six from everyone else
  13. mxsteve625

    Steve got a job

    Thanks everyone. Being unemployed for so long can be a mental and finacial drain.
  14. mxsteve625

    Steve got a job

    Steve. It is 8 1/2 hours for my home in Chesapeake. I am breaking the trip up into 2 four hour days. My back can't handl;e an 8 hour trip. I will have a lap top with limited internet access. So, yea may dinner sometime.
  15. mxsteve625

    Steve got a job

    Well I have to be in Wheeling, WV at 7:00 am Friday to work for a national engineering firm. As most of you know I have been out of work for almost 2 1/2 years. Don't want to go...but a man has to do what a man has to do. Needless to say I probabaly be out of touch for awhile