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    Did you name your home winery?

    Paid a designer on Fiverr to come up with this - with a few tweaks from the original rendition.
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    Cork OK as Barrel Closure?

    Awesomely creative - I just may do this. Thanks for the idea!
  3. MrTea

    Cork OK as Barrel Closure?

    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately this is the one I bought and it was far too large for the 20 liter barrel. I actually widdled it down with a razor blade and made it fit as a temporary option but it was hard to get it to seal.
  4. MrTea

    Cork OK as Barrel Closure?

    Thanks John, I can't seem to find a silicone stopper that will fit this barrel on morewinemaking - any suggestions as to where I can find a suitable stopper? I guess it needs to be food grade?
  5. MrTea

    Cork OK as Barrel Closure?

    I was thinking the same, but these corks are rock solid believe it or not, although I'm sure it'll soften with exposure to the wine.
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    Cork OK as Barrel Closure?

    I purchased one of the 20 liter Hungarian barrels from and it came with a wooden bung but wanted to use a silicone stopper to ensure a good seal so I also purchased their solid and breathable silicone bungs for "small" barrels but both are far too large to fit in the hole. I...
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    Used wine bottles

    I put bottles in the oven at 350° for ten minutes and the labels peel right off with absolute ease while they are still hot. The heat apparently breaks the bond of the adhesive or something like that. Just make sure to use oven mitts on both hands and be aware that the bottles take a while to...
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    Hello Wine Makers. I'm Michael from Alabama living in the Memphis area. Question on Bourbon Barrell flavor.

    These two vendors offer small format used bourbon (and other type) barrels. Their stock always seems to be changing as well as I regularly get emails about new arrivals (I have no affiliation with either).
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    2021 Wine Season!

    I'll second the recommendation for Wine Grapes Direct. Excellent product, superb communication and reasonable pricing (I have to get them shipped so that kind of hurts my bottom line but it is what it is).
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    Post your labels here

    Darn, I thought I was being more unique than I actually was!! Great names all around 👍👍
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    Post your labels here

    First few batches and labels
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    Popups in chrome in android?

    Yep, happening to me too. It's to the point that I downloaded the AdBlocker browser app and that has eliminated the problem. Site was almost unusable otherwise. I read that it has to do with the site host allowing advertisers to spam with Java or something like that....