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    Usually classic rock and oldies. Some country. Absolutely no rap!
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    How much do you drink?

    My wife and I will usually go through 6-8 bottles of wine in a weekend and none during the week.
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    Hello from Missouri

    Glad to have you aboard. What part of the state are you from? I'm just south K.C. If you're planning a commercial operation, be sure to post when you're open and I'll stop by.
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    Using vodka to increase alcohol content?

    I would agree with fermenting it to a higher level. I think the other options would change the taste of the wine too much.
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    RJ Spagnols Orchard Breezin' Watermelon White Merlot

    I've made this before and really liked the flavor except it was way too sweet. Has anyone used these kits before and added the whole F-pack up front and then sweeted to taste when completed? I thought about adding half the pack and the other half at the end but wonder if it will still be too...
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    I made a batch (1 gallon) a couple years ago. It came out real weak and a bad taste of rine.
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    Whats the oldest bottle in your rack ?

    I had a couple bottles made in 76 and 78 that I opened last year. I had to dump them both. Boy, were they nasty!
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    newbie question about filtering

    The best way to get the muck (lees) out of your wine is to rack it off of it.
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    Alternatives to labeling bottles

    I just print on regular 8 1/2 X 11 with my laser jet and use a glue stick. They fall right off when soaking the bottles.
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    You know your a wine maker when:

    When you see one of those infomercials for the Acai berry weight loss stuff and wonder if this berry would make a good wine.
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    I bought a gallon at the following web site. (It won't let me post a web site, this is a dot com.) homebrewit
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    RJ Spagnols RJS Cru Select Orange Choolate Port

    I'll have to try this one. It sounds interesting.
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    Hi from Missouri

    Been lurking here from a couple months and just thought I'd say hi. I started making wine in the early 70's and quit until a couple years ago started back up again. Hope to run across some good recipes and advice here. Have tried some of Jack Keller's with mixed results. Also have had mixed...