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    This Voracious, Unstoppable Bug Is Killing Off Vineyards

    Ive seen a few of these around my house over the last two weeks. You are supposed to kill them and then report it.
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    Is there a better way?

    How big is a scoop? I usually use about a tablespoon of oxyclean and fill a cooler with bottles and hot water and let it sit overnight. Water and bottles still hot the next day so it makes peaking a bit easier. Then a curved blade to scrape and some stainless steel wool to scrub off anything...
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    How many gallons of Lon D's Skeeter Pee have been made?

    4203+5=4208 Bottled my first batch of Skeeter Pee today!
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    Shrinking bottle capsules

    Never seen that before. How does it work?
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    Shrinking bottle capsules

    What does a capsule holder look like?
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    What's in your glass tonight?

    I can tell you I enjoyed drinking it so much that I'm motivated to drink the last one too!
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    What's in your glass tonight?

    My wife accidentally opened one of my last two bottles of the first wine I made a 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon from a kit. She use a few oz to cook with, and I was not happy. BUT we finished the rest of the bottle and it was excellent! I will probably drink the last bottle within the next few weeks.
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    Is that a distant relative of Barkeeper's Friend?
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    Greetings from SE Pennsylvania

    Let's go birds!
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    $200 - PVC Capsule Shrinker vs $25.00 Heat Gun

    I read in Daniel Pambianchi's book that the capsules retard mold formation on corks by protecting them from excess humidity.
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    New to everything

    They look like 375 ml bottles
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    Lift for carboy

    Some good suggestions on here but there is a clear cut winner imo. The all-in-one wine pump costs just a bit more than the lift options suggested, and it does sooo much more than just save you from having to lift full carboys. It degasses as you go and makes bottling day a breeze. Also for...
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    Correcting Color of White Wine

    If I learned anything from Bottle Shock, you should wait until tomorrow and it might be all good!
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    Costco Wine Rack

    Got the Trinity Wine Rack from Costco setup. First picture is one rack, second picture is two racks stacked using the included connectors. Very sturdy! Have a few more cases to unload.