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    grafting vines

    Had the same bad experience trying to bud graft this past spring - think i started a little too early
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    Add Your Backyard Vineyard

    I would think that it might work but you want to make sure there's no SO2 left in the wine. you can check levels with a Vinmetrica analyzer. If there is some SO2 remaining it can be stripped with hydrogen peroxide - don't recall offhand what the dose is but there's plenty of information on web...
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    Add Your Backyard Vineyard

    You may wish to co-inoculate but make sure your pH is above 3.2. I use VP41 MLB along with Lalvin 71B yeast which also reduces some of the malic acid
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    wine from wild cherry tree?

    I bought an old fashion cherry pitter off ebay for around $30 and it worked great for pitting the 26# of sour cherries this year. Most pits came off nice and clean with the pulp dropping out the end
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    Looking to learn

    That seems to be the general consensus, for flat ground from what I've read, but I've seen all kinds of variations. Most commercial vineyards run their rows in an uphill/downhill orientation as it's easier for equipment to go up and down versus across the slope. In my own vineyard which is on...
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    Best label removal hack EVER

    I always stick bottles in the oven at 250 degrees for about ten minutes. most labels will peel right off without any residual but every once in a while some will leave a residue. For those stubborn bottles I clean them with with VN&P Naphtha which works quickly and leaves no residue...
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    Cork size

    K-Meta works by the S02 vapor produced. That doesn't occur with star san
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    Leaves Turning Brown

    Yep think that's the one :cool:
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    Leaves Turning Brown

    nope don't chew it. just pull a chunk apart into small pieces and put it down into hole(s). I suppose you could unwrap an entire piece and put the whole thing in the hole but that might be a little wasteful. It'll go a lot farther if you break it into small morsels.
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    Leaves Turning Brown

    right now I'm using "Original Bubble Yum" - they have it everywhere. If you can find it i also like the string bubble gum - it comes in a pouch with a baseball player caricature on it sort of like a pouch of chewing tobacco
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    Leaves Turning Brown

    No problem - only other thing that comes to mind is that spearmint gum is probably more of a deterrent as are any of the other essential oils. keep me posted on how it works out
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    Leaves Turning Brown

    i simply break off small pieces from lump of bubble gum and stuff them down into hole. sometimes have to poke dirt mound to see where burrow is, then i push gum into opening and spread dirty in mound into hole and smooth out surface just so i can tell which mound(s) have been treated. good...
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    Leaves Turning Brown

    Cheap ole bubble gum seems to work as well as anything else on voles but they are a continuous problem
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    Post your clusters

    Wow my Marquettes never get to 29 brix. This year they are couple of week behind past years for efflorescence. Keeping fingers crossed that summer finally gets here and vines ripen.