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    What R you doing today?

    Did some rhubarb wine last year and it turned out excellent - looking forward this year to another batch with some strawberries but it'll still be a while
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    Wine growing and making newbie

    My choice would be hard maple
  3. montanarick

    Add Your Backyard Vineyard

    Looks real good - our vines are only now starting bud break
  4. montanarick

    Hello from MT

    Welcome MTJoeT - I live up in the Flathead
  5. montanarick

    Taking on a vineyard project - Merlot

    that would be a shame - good luck
  6. montanarick

    2019 marquette flavor

    I like my Marquette
  7. montanarick

    Taking on a vineyard project - Merlot

    sounds like a great deal
  8. montanarick

    Taking on a vineyard project - Merlot

    keep it up - quite interested to see how things progress. thanks for sharing
  9. montanarick

    Cork size

    I sure wouldn't use old dried out corks - not worth it
  10. montanarick

    Cork size

    K-meta like Johnd suggests is always good idea. I just did mine into glass of vodka and put in bottle with Italian corker - works great
  11. montanarick

    Can primary fermentation time be calculated?

    Amen to that. I generally see a five to six day ferment when I keep temps at around 80 degrees with reds. It will go considerable longer with whites where temps are kept around 70. Good luck
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    Are my grape plants dead?

    First off what are your vines? second, it's a good idea to cage young vines and fence your vineyard to keep all the critters from the salad bar. Our vines here in Montana are now just shy of bursting - maybe by next week if we can get the temps up to the 70's
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    When should I start seeing new growth?

    I agree with the "wait longer" recommendations. we're in zone 5b here and our vines buds are now just starting to swell - probably be another week or so before bud break. Good luck
  14. montanarick

    When should I start seeing new growth?

    Sure wouldn't prune any more. Be patient vines should bud out before middle of May. Generally need daytime temps into 70's and overnight in 50's