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    Bottling in large bottles

    What do you folks think about bottling wine in large bottles if the wine is used quickly? Maybe four-litre bottles.
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    Sweet stuff from apples

    A wine-like bevy, but thanks for trying. :D
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    Sweet stuff from apples

    I'm looking for ideas for making something sweeter out of extra apples that can be completed in 2-3 weeks. What do folks recommend?
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    Knock the Panties Off Strawberry Label

    I love the label but I doubt the missus would like it if I put it on my wines. She's very conservative and hates it when I say ****. :D
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    Should I throw this bottle out?

    Seriously. Food poisoning from a wee bit of dried wine?
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    Should I throw this bottle out?

    Yes, another option is I could fill it with wine and make it the first bottle we drink.
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    Should I throw this bottle out?

    I have a wine bottle I want to reuse but it has a bit of dried wine inside. I can't get at it with a brush and soaking hasn't dislodged it. Do I have to throw the bottle out or will sanitizing make it safe to use for wine?
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    Hello From Alberta

    Welcome, fellow Albertan. Spruce Grove here.
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    What''s your wine making bible?

    Yes, I have read some of that material and it is helpful. I was thinking about drrockinsteve's "bible" articles and the free download book that he has customized. Those sound really useful also. I hope he'll post them, or offer ot email to interested members.
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    What''s your wine making bible?

    Are you going to put these up on this site for all of us to read?
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    Carboy exploded

    I had a client in my office today who makes wine. She says the bottom blew off of a carboy and there were 30 litres of red wine all over the hardwood floor. She was a week from finishing the wine. I have no other details. I've heard of a back window in a car explosing without being touched and...
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    Using surplus to top up

    Maybe I'm missing something but if you have several varieties of wine unopened. why not just open a similar wine. Top up and then drink the rest of the bottle.
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    Fruit Flies - Ugh!!

    Why the dish soap? Why can't it hit the site of the bottle? The flies will not enter the bottle? I thought that was the whole idea.
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    What's you wine worth??

    Of course. I am in Canadian wine country now on vacation and we have spent a couple hundred dollars on wines in the last three days.
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    What's you wine worth??

    Seriously? There is lots of wine I'd pay more than $5 for - lots.