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  1. mnwc2004

    Island mist blood orange sangria

    any advice on tweeking this kit? Most friends and family are sweet wine drinkers. Thank you!
  2. mnwc2004

    Fontana tropical fruit.

    I know most aren’t fond of the Fontana kits but I’ve made several and my non wine drinking friends love the results from the fruit wine kits . Walmart carries a decent selection of the Fontana fruit but they are only listed on the site by the fruit flavor not the type of wine. Anyone have any...
  3. mnwc2004

    Fontana kit

    call me crazy but I love the Fontana kits. Last time I purchased one from amazon but the selection is poor. I live in Texas. Are there any online companies that sell and ship in the US. I did a google search but it didn’t turn up much. Thank you!!
  4. mnwc2004

    Trouble with kit

    Thank you for the help! It was just disappointing to not have a kit work like I thought it would. This is my first wine making failure so I guess I shouldn't be too upset. ~ Nicole
  5. mnwc2004

    Trouble with kit

    I’ve made many wine kits with no issues. I’m currently making the island mist green apple kit. Starting SG was 1.050. After 21 days it’s stuck at 1.000. 3 days ago I tried restarting it with E 1118 yeast. Still nothing. Room temp has been around 74-77. I’m at a loss on what to do. Is the kit...
  6. mnwc2004

    What R you doing today?

    It's a floating in the pool with a margarita kind of day!
  7. mnwc2004

    DangerDave's Dragon Blood Wine

    Thank you for the reassurance! I'll back sweeten and be patient!
  8. mnwc2004

    DangerDave's Dragon Blood Wine

    I have a question. I used 6 pounds of triple berry fruit and added 2 cans of white grape concentrate from old orchard. Otherwise I followed directions exactly. My starting SG was 1.075 and finished at .992. I've completed step 4 of the process two days ago and surprisingly my wine is already...
  9. mnwc2004

    Don't Brush Your Teeth!!

    Not all dentists are drill and fill. We encourage our patients to research the treatment we recommend, we also give patients many options for treatment, not just " you need a filling". It's too bad that people do have bad experiences, but to be quite truthful the dental business for most small...
  10. mnwc2004

    Don't Brush Your Teeth!!

    I work at a dental office :). Best thing to do is rinse your mouth after drinking acidic drinks. This dilutes the acid. You cannot rebuild enamel but you can (minimally) reharden soft enamel. Once you brush away your enamel it's gone for good.
  11. mnwc2004

    DangerDave's Dragon Blood Wine

    Thank you! I was wondering if it was too late to add more fruit, so it's good to know its not too late. I've also read that the wine could sit on fruit later in the process as well. I think Dave used blueberries, is this just preference or because other berries would disintegrate and cloud the wine?
  12. mnwc2004

    DangerDave's Dragon Blood Wine

    Started my very first batch of DB on Sunday. I followed the recipe exactly and used 6 pounds of fruit. Now after reading 45 pages of this thread I'm thinking I should have used more fruit. I'm looking for A LOT of fruit flavor. What can I do? It's been in the primary 3 days now. Starting SG was...
  13. mnwc2004

    Where to buy Welch's frozen concentrate?

    I had the same problem finding welches. Finally found old orchard white grape concentrate at our grocery store, Schnucks
  14. mnwc2004

    What R you doing today?

    Bottled my Shiraz today. It's hard to see in the photos but I used a red colored bottle. I think it goes nicely with my labels. I had a large glass left over to sample! Yes, I know it's too early to drink it, call the wine police! :p Time to put these bottles to bed for a year or so. :sl
  15. mnwc2004

    WineXpert Island Mist Peach Apricot Chardonay

    I appreciate all the great input! I'm looking forward to this one! I love the dry reds but I don't have many friends or family that will help me drink them. I think this kit will be much more popular with that crowd.