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    Storage Times

    smurfe & Luc... Thanks for the help. I knew that I had read up on this before (maybe on another site - I think but couldn't find the right thread again. smurfe... does that 1/8th teaspoon go in the entire batch before bottling?? Or is that in each bottle??
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    Storage Times

    Hey all.... I've just started making my first batch of wine about a two weeks ago (Cellar Craft Barolo). It is sitting nicely in my carboy at the moment. My wife and I want to make more wine and get into making beer as well. Just seems like the right hobby for people that like what they...
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    Post Your Storage Pictures!

    Looking for some help Hey... I just started making my first batch of wine (from a kit). My wife and I want to start making both wine and beer - haven't gotten the equipment for the beer yet. That all being said... I'm going to start working on my coal-cellar. I wanna clean it up and turn it...