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    3 gallon carboy cleaning

    Here's another source
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    Post a Meme, any Meme! (no politics)

    A few weeks (month?) back I went thru the same scenario. At the suggestion of @ibglowin I checked out of WMT and re-logged in. It worked. May I suggest you try it.
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    bulk aging longer

    Didn't think of that, guess I'm a little slow today. I'm a Country Wine dude if that's any excuse.
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    bulk aging longer

    MORAL: Don't do kit wine.
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    Is wine fermenting?

    Would need more information about the must. What is the starting specific gravity? What is the room temperature & wine temperature? What procedure did you use to inoculate the must? What is the type of yeast?
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    variance on dragon blood

    Never say never
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    variance on dragon blood This might help
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    Post a photo, any photo

    @Ralphee: How's your hand?
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    Cleaning AIO pump

    Had a spare aquarium air pump laying around - not any more. I plug all my hoses into it, swap them out as they dry. Usually squirt distilled water into them and pour out to prevent spots. Air pump I have has a dual chamber so I can do two at a time.
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    Buon Vino bottle filler

    I vote for the AIO setup, depending on your volume of bottling. My only gripe about the AOI when filling is the stopper size. Some wine bottles neck opening is smaller than others (silly little millimeter). I just have to hold the stopper tighter to the bottle to create the vacuum.
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    Adding Solar Panels Thoughts?

    I'll relate to you what happened to me that I still, to this day, gripes me. Salesman came to the house with a Google map of the house, claiming he could put 52 panels on and provide 106% of my average electrical usage. After a site survey where someone came to the property and phyically...
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    First cherry wine

    @Scooter68: Thanks for adding your cherry ratio. I once made a cherry blend but lost 3 of 5 bottles due to bottle fermentation, my bad. Have another 100% tart cherry in process but was trying to recall my ratio on the first batch.
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    Brew belt or heating pad or ????

    I have used a Roughneck tote filled with water into which I put the fermenter. Add an aquarium heater (sized for the amount of water in the tote). I suppose if there is a need because of use or temperature one could insulate the tote.
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    Headspace Eliminator

    If you like 'floaty' things in your wine to reduce ullage, try this: Open up a tube of pure silicone caulk and squirt out about one inch long dollops of caulk on an HDPE sheet to cure for several months. After they have lost their acetic acid smell they have cured enough to use. I like the...
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    Cranberry wine from pure cranberry juice, any tips?

    In winemaking, the larger the yeast cell population, the better. With that in mind I use this technique to rehydrate yeast: Add the entire 5 gm packet of yeast to 1 cup of warm water (100° F) with a pinch of Yeast Nutrient (YN). Four hours later add ¼ cup of water. Four hours later add ¼ cup...