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    Bulk-Storage Questions

    Great. Thank you guys. I don't know what I would do without this site and the excellent members
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    Central Florida Food, Jazz and Wine Club

    I would like to start a wine club in the Central Florida Area (Clermont/Orlando). I was thinking a bunch of us get together to talk and share our foods, wine and music. Please contact me if you live in the area and are interested!
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    Bulk-Storage Questions

    I’m getting ready to store my last batch of wine because I don’t have bottles right not so I have a few questions. When you want to bulk-store the wine in the carboy, do you rack after the clearing to leave nothing but wine or is it ok to leave the “lees” at the bottom. If you do rack, do you...
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    Wine won't clear

    I added more speedy bentonite and now its cristal clear. The is a fluffy sediment on the bottom and I'm wondering if it will compact so I can rack with no problems.
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    Simple Syrup Instructions

    I've always used 3 parts sugar 1 part water. Sit on the stove and stir constantly, the mixture will be thick and cloudy but you keep stirring and after 3-4 minutes it will be cristal clear and you'll be able to see the bottom of the pan. Cool off and add to the winw. PS I've experimented by...
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    Wine won't clear

    After fermentation was completed potasium sulfite was added then potasium sorbate(which I had 2 packs to add), then I degas the wine with the drill mounted paddle and after that I added the F-Pack followed by some more mixing with the drill. Then the chitosan pack 1 followed by pack 2...
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    Wine won't clear

    I bought 3 Orchard Breezin’ kits and one of them, (Calipso Bianco wine kit) won’t clear. Here is a summary of what’ve added so far: 1. Bentonite before fermentation (the amount that came with the kit) 2. Chitosan (the amount that came with the package,) and yes, the first package was added...
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    WineXpert winexpert, white zin

    I just finish drinking my first batch, 30 bottles over 45 days. Some of the bottles tasted more acidic, some sweeter, some stronger, some weaker. I’m just curious as of why wine from the same batch, bottled at the same time with the same corks, kept in the same place would taste so differently...
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    Drill Mounted Pump

    Has anyone used the drill mounted pumps available in the market? I’m looking for an inexpensive way to transfer wine other than by gravity flow.
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    Has anyone come up with an idea to filter wine with common household items? (Homemade filters) My goal is not to filter the wine to clear it but to remove any particles that may have been transferred by accident when racking and I don’t really want them in my bottle!!! I was thinking...
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    I just bought two kits; one is Niagara Mist and the other Cali connoisseur. After reading the instructions they both say to degas by stirring the wine with a spoon 3-4 times per day for two days. Seriously? Couldn’t I just sue a drill mounted agitator and get it all done at once?:cool:
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    Clearing Wine

    This question is regarding the White Zinfandel kit from Winexpert. This is my first batch and last week I completed the degassing, stabilizing and clearing of the wine. The wine has cleared a lot but it seems there are tiny tiny tiny particles visible when I shine a flashlight through the glass...
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    Hello Everyone!

    I did degassed yesterday but no accidents. Brave move on my part I guess... first timer so I had no idea it could go so bad!!!
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    Bottle sanitazion

    Thats a GREAT idea. My dishwasher has that heater/sanitizer so that would work!!!! I don't know how I missed this. Thanks a million!!!!
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    Hello Everyone!