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    Wine from Just plain grapes?

    They actually stack pretty well believe it or not. Either way, they're mostly gone. All the crazy shaped bottles were given away. They're a great conversation piece. "Were you drunk when you made this bottle?" I have mostly regular shaped bottles: 375ml, 500ml and 750ml
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    Wine from Just plain grapes?

    So I bottled 5 liters!!! Was totally amazing, VERY fruity, and it gets better with every minute in the glass. Here's a pic of my bottles When it got straight, I knew I had enough to drink. :)
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    Pretty Good Deal

    I dont think a demijohn would work with that. With the curve toward the bottom, I think it would slide right off the bottom platform. Maybe if the bottom can be extended with a board or something
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    DangerDave's Dragon Blood Wine

    The rule on this site is "Pics or it didn't happen"... [emoji23]
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    Wine from Just plain grapes?

    I tasted at the last racking, I had an extra bottle. This time there was too much wine to drop down to a smaller size demijohn and too little to taste.. notes are here: About the beer: I don't drink beer unless it's free.
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    Wine from Just plain grapes?

    I didn't have any topping off wine, so I didn't taste it :( Smell is delicious though. No off smells from the additive free wine...
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    Wine from Just plain grapes?

    So I racked my 2 wines today (one with additives, one without). The one with additives racked beautifully and I left about an inch of sediment out. Pretty good racking for a newbie like me, but I lost about a half cup of wine, I didn't want to get too close to the sediment. The one without...
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    Summer 2016 WOTM Club

    So I took out another bottle for tasting to a few brewing friends. The best compliment I got was "man, this is like liquid sunshine" I asked him to explain so he said: "its warm, smooth, calms everything down, like laying in the beautiful sun"
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    DangerDave's Dragon Blood Wine

    Dont need energizer
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    Wine from Just plain grapes?

    Thanks guys. As there are no added sulfites in the wine, I was hoping to bottle it sooner than later to keep away from the risk of it going bad. That's basically why I'm asking. So I want to bottle in about 3-4 months for the passover holiday. Ill try a cold crash, and then rack and we'll see...
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    Wine from Just plain grapes?

    So a little update: My two petit syrahs (one all-natural and one with additives) are aging in demijohns right now. I plan on bottling in the coming months and then bottle-age. Interestingly, the demijohn with the additives seems to have settled nicely. Not entirely, but theres a nice think layer...
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    Ancient Wine

    Jewish sources say that it actually took 8 men to carry the cluster of grapes. Another 2 men carried a pomegranate (and another fruit which is slipping my mind right now) each.
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    Can fermenting wine be tasted?

    Can I guess that they have expiration dates earlier than milk? (When fermentation is expected to end...)
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    Is Headspace in Carboy bad?

    Try looking for half gallon jugs/carboys. It'll be good for your future in winemaking anyway when you do larger batches to have a smaller jugs to top up with when racking...
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    Isinglass made the red wine cloudier.

    Did you follow all the instructions exactly for isinglass? I never use clearing agents, but I know that different kinds are scientifically different and therefore are to be added differently. Also, depending on where you live, you can put your carboy outside for a while for it to cold crash. I...