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    Cleaning Tubing

    I use the Bottle sanitizer SOLD BY Steve from ALLINONEWINE.COM. I place one end of the tubing over the nozzle and the other end in the sanitizing solution in the bucket and press down to turn the pump on. I then hang the tubing to dry or use it to transfer wine. link: Pressurized Bottle...
  2. mbleill

    Pipette Replacement?

    Thanks for the replies. Very helpful. Background: I have had a Venmetrica 300 Pro Kit for 4 years now It came with various pipettes for transferring wine and chemicals when testing. Since then I have replaced the supplied burette with (2) 10 ml burettes. Being an engineer and not a...
  3. mbleill

    Pipette Replacement?

    Hello, I saw a post recently that referenced a device that measured small liquid volumes accurately but can't find it again. What is a device that performed liquid volume capture and measurement for testing purposes? 5ml to 25 Ml. I do a lot of testing.
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    Wine duds— Do you dump or salvage?

    A good friend of mine told me that bad wine makes a good environmentally friendly weed killer. :cool:
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    Can you sell your wine legally if you're a home grower?

    Hello Dirty Vineyard, Nice Video but I respectfully believe your information on the allowable bottles of wine to be incorrect. Federal law allows a two adult household to make up to 200 US gallons of wine for personal use and consumption. Assuming the standard 750 ml bottles, this equates to...
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    Corona Virus & Day to Day

    Thank you for clarifying. Best regards and cheers! Mike
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    Corona Virus & Day to Day

    Hello ZebraB, Do you know the source of this information? I am not debating it but I posted it on my facebook page and I am being asked to provide the source of the informations and their assumptions. Thanks for your understanding. Best regards.
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    I come from a land down under!

    G'Day, From the picture it looks like Black Rot. Here is a link to the Central US Recommended spray program for fruit. We probably have a lot more humidity than your area and a lot more fungi but this document developed by Purdue University should point you in the right direction for sprays...
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    Vintage 2019

    Just an observation on your sulphite levels. Your "Free SO2" and your "Molecular SO2" looks low for your existing pH. I would recommend using WineMaker's Sulfite Calculator utility to adjust your sulphites after you adjust your acid levels and measure your resulting pH level. If you do no...
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    WineXpert Adding glycerin to kit wine

    I have added glycerine, (4 ml/L), and sulphites to a white wine but no sugar and no potassium sorbate. The wine started fermenting in a couple of weeks. Fortunately since it was a test to see if the glycerine would referment it was still in a carboy and not bottled. Just passing on my...
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    All stainless crusher destemmer with rubber rollers

    Is the crusher destemmer stand included?
  12. mbleill

    Tale of 2 Malos

    I routinely tape rubber seed starting mats to the sides of my carboys and tanks. The mats stay a constant 80 deg F and will warm up the wine in the containers to about 75 deg F and kicks off MLF relative quickly. The ambient temperature in my winery is about 62 to 65 deg F. AMAZON Link...
  13. mbleill

    Adding sulphites before or after racking

    I have been using the granular potassium metabisulfite; buying new every year. When racking 5 or 6 gallon carboy as in the first racking after primary fermentation and when adding potassium metabisulfite at subsequent rackings, I dissolve the granular product in a small amount of distilled...
  14. mbleill

    WineXpert Adding glycerin to kit wine

    I use glycerin at the rate of 2 mL/L in my white wines just prior to bottling. If adding glycerine and or sugar, be sure to add Potassium Sorbate at the recommended rate as the glycerin can re ferment after bottling. Also consider adding 1 ml/L of gum arabic for enhanced mouthfeel. Sulphite...