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    would like to make champane

    That sounds like a good idea. I already have the cornelis kegs system from former beer brewing days. I will have to get me a white wine started. Thank you. I will let you know how it turns out
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    would like to make champane

    Does anyone have a recipe to make champane from welches frozen white grape concentrate with the process on how to do it
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    Wine Press "Reconditioning" Project

    In the south my mother used to season her pans for cooking by coating it with oil and baking it in the oven it would leave a black coating on it
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    New Wine

    Thank you luc nobody has ever told me what to expect from wine i will be a little more patient
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    Wine and Spirit making book

    Have you got this book that can be downloaded
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    New Wine

    I am new to wine making Can anyone tell me the differance in new wine and old what changes happen to the taste? i have worked off some watermelon wine and it still has a yeasty taste. it is 7 weeks old have used wine conditioner and sweetened it before I bottled it.
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    Bottling time

    How long before bottling do you add the potassium sorbate to stabalize the wine? This is the first bottling attempt. Any info would be welcome Thank You
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    PECTIC ENZYNE to clear haze

    Thank you. I added pectic enzyne and the haze is clearing out now. I did not add at the start because I used frozen fruit. I read your post on pectic enzine and have a good understanding on it now how it works.
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    Acid blend to help flavor

    Can acid blend and tannin be added after the fermatation is over two months into the fermatation to change the taste on strawberry? It was my first try. From then I started using the winemakers recipe handbook, (the purple book)
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    PECTIC ENZYNE to clear haze

    Can pectic enzyne be added late in the fermatation to clear the haze up ?