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    Cover primary at 1.00?

    For those who ferment to dryness in primary, do any of you put a lid on your tank around 1.00 sg? Thought process being, maybe there’s not enough co2 coming off to protect? Thx.
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    Digital Refractometer

    I just got a Hannah, I love it.
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    Oak chips in primary

    I’d like to try this this year, but need to know how much to use... it’ll be in 15 gallons of Syrah, and 15 of Pinot, both of which will go into neutral barrels later...thanks, everyone!
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    Post your clusters

    Farm extension said abcission, normal...I’m not sure I’m good with that explanation...
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    Post your clusters

    Here’s mine.
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    Natural corks, price vs value,

    Being one who is doomed to believing you get what you pay for, how can label peelers sell what they say is a high quality natural cork for a third of the price charged elsewhere? I need to get corks soon and would love to save the money, but color me sceptical.
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    Shoot thinning Pinot noir

    I’ve seen opinions all over the place, how many shoots to leave on 7 year old Pinot, grown in southern Oregon...thx.
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    Vinmetric reagents

    Does anyone know what the vinmetric reagents are, and how I can buy them cheaper than 42 dollars ? Thx
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    Hi, could you tell me where you got your bee netting from? Thx

    Hi, could you tell me where you got your bee netting from? Thx
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    Bird netting recommendation

    Accord, that is.
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    Bird netting recommendation

    For accordance, bee netting is what I need to do...can you share where you got yours, and the performance versus yellow jackets, the bane of my existence?
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    Yeast smell

    hi all, my 2018 Pinot Gris was aged on the lees for four months, then racked to a corny keg three weeks ago. At racking and still, it has a yeasty smell..what can I do? Thx in advance
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    Wine just keeps binding all new meta

    Ph is 3.5, 15 gallons, in ss vc .mlf is finished. 11.9 g/l gf
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    Wine just keeps binding all new meta

    Hope someone can help with this...this years Pinot noir had just been pressed and put in a stainless tank, and the next morning I find the lid popped off, tube was too big for the lid...was hoping to finish the last point of fermentation in tank, so no so2. Five days go by, it won't finish, so...
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    Time in flex tank?

    15 gallons in 15 gallon tank