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    WineXpert Using old kits

    I was recently given three WE Selection International kits from a local winery because they said they needed to clear some stock. They were the White Merlot, the Italian Amarone, and the Australian Chardonnay. We did the White Merlot first. It's time for bottling and I feel the wine may be...
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    Need fruit/grape crusher advice

    Hey gang. I'm about to purchase my first fruit press. I'm looking at a 14L press with the lead screw tilt out design with stainless steel basket. I like this one because I plan to do fruit wines as well as grape wines. It looks like it should do the both jobs for me just fine. I can get...
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    RJ Spagnols Can I Double It Up??

    Well here we are after Christmas and the doubling up of the Orange Chocolate Port went superbly! Thank you for your words of wisdom saying I could double up. The port is phenomenal.
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    RJ Spagnols Can I Double It Up??

    Hey gang, long time no see! I'm sure there's a ton of new faces here since I was last on back in the day. I'll throw up a reintroduction here soon. But first, the meat and potatoes of my question.... I just got lucky and scored the last two Cru Specialty Orange Chocolate Port kits that I...
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    Automatic Fillers - Your Opinions and Advice

    While medically speaking I would not doubt that it is "food" grade, my mind just sooooo does not want to, or need to, go there right now. lol!
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    Automatic Fillers - Your Opinions and Advice

    Absolutely love the direction that his thread took off in. lol!! Wade, what lube do you use on the filler?? I'm assuming the KY one was total humor, but I'll admit I'm lost on this one. Runningwolf....what type of "bottling crate" do you use??
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    Automatic Fillers - Your Opinions and Advice

    So, I'm wondering if I am doing something wrong in the process then. I know the carboy I am siphoning from should be higher than the Buon Vino, but how much higher should it be? Also, where should the overflow bottle be in relation to the filling bottle? With such a short overflow tube I...
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    Automatic Fillers - Your Opinions and Advice

    I purchased it from Midwest so I'll give them a shout and see what they can do, if anything. Thanks for your insight. Now, as far as technique, could you run me through how you use your filler and what you do in the process to get it going perfectly?
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    Automatic Fillers - Your Opinions and Advice

    I just run meta through it before and after use to give it a good sanitizing and then run a shot of fresh water through it to make sure no meta buildup occurs. Should I be doing something different?
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    Automatic Fillers - Your Opinions and Advice

    Greetings board! So, my wife and I bottled our Blueberry Acai Skeeter Pee this past weekend and as we have done with several batches prior we used our Buon Vino Automatic Gravity Filler. It has been a dream to use up until this weekend. It started failing us in regards to its shutoff as...
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    Hi again to all you merry winemakers!

    So, I've been off the reservation for awhile, but things are returning back to normal in Maestro world. 2011 is looking to be a great year and I am excited to be back into some winemaking. My wife and I have several kits going right now, with plenty more to do through the year. We are hoping...
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    New Corks Arrived!

    They look great! Great job! Where did you get these done? I want to have some custom ones done for myself, but can't seem to find anywhere.
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    Cherry wine is way strong!! Advice?

    Yeah, I'm thinking that if backsweetening doesn't help it much then I am hoping that a nice long aging will. :sm
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    Latest Labels from Cold Valley Wines

    Thanks everyone for the comments and compliments. I am thoroughly enjoying all of this and can't wait to see what other wines I make that I get to design labels for. Green - I turn to my wife and fellow coworkers for inspiration in naming all the wines. It's comforting to know that I am...