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    Software help

    Online winemakers log. Just wanted to let everyone know that we have worked out the bugs in the online winemakers log and it is working properly now. Check it out: http://www.vintnerresources.com It is completely free!
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    Free online winemakers log

    The online winemaker's log that I posted a while back works now... sorry about the false start. It turned out to have more bugs in it than I thought at the time. Any way... it works quite nicely now. You can find it here: http://www.vintnerresources.com If you use it and come up with...
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    Software help

    Well sh..! I mean...Shoot! OK. Think I got it figured out. You should be good to go now. Sorry about that. New site... still got a few bugs to work out.
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    Software help

    Here is an online winemakers log and its free! http://www.vintnerresources.com This is still in the Beta stage but it should all work. If there additional features that you need that are not there, let me know and I will see what I can do about getting it added.
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    Software help

    Here is a free online system. http://www.vintnerresources.com It is still beta but it is working and its free. If there are features that you need that are not there, let me know and I will add them if I can.