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    Other trusting fermenter volumes

    After getting consistently high OG with the finer wine kits, I decided to accurately measure 6 gallons instead of relying on the marking on my bucket. Weighed 6 gallons of water (6 * 8.34 lbs) and sure enough the level is a tad higher than the 6 gallon marking but that's pretty much where...
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    Other Which wine to top up carboy for fruit wine kit

    I'm very interested in your experience with the AIO headspace eliminator. How long have you had a wine under vacuum for and how much headspace was there? You haven't noticed any negative effect to the wine? I actually have a couple of these headspace eliminators but I'm very conflicted on how...
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    Finer Wine Kits

    This is my first attempt at winemaking and so far so good!! I pitched the yeast starter into the forte zinfandel kit yesterday and it is sizzlin'... already down to about 1.072 after 36 hours 😮 My plan is to follow the directions to a tee for the first go 'round and see what improvements I...