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    Roussanne, when you least expect it...

    I did a roussanne and a Marsanne last year - can’t remember which but one was high in malic - did a mlf on it - used both to blend - blown away!!!!! Ours is a really nice wine!!
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    Frozen grapes?

    Actually might be better. You’re using a process called cryomaceration to extract more flavor from the grapes! Cheers
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    First Blend - Timing and Vessel

    I think this gives you a great opportunity to ferment with multiple yeasts and blend down the road for a more complex wine. Also, you get to see how different yeasts affect the same wine - sounds like a great time to me! In this case blend just a bit before bottling! Cheers
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    Blending kit and grape wine???

    Happy Sunday! Can I blend a kit wine with a red wine made from grapes? I made a tan at last year From grapes and am getting ready to bottle it has gone through MLF and is still lacking something on the mid palate.blending with a kit wine I had in a carboy seems to improve this - I’ve added...
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    Brix and Blending Questions

    I do agree with salcoco above here's my take 1. In my head it works like this BRIX is when the viticulturist decides to pick. MY SG tells me if I need to add sugar as well as ABV when wine is done fermenting -just easier for me to calculate. 2. I prefer to ferment wines separately with...
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    Corona Virus & Day to Day

    So sorry for your loss.
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    Austin grape juice buckets

    I haven’t done them before .... I should’ve really posted this under the kit forum there’s a lot of info there on juice buckets sounds about the same to me
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    Trade Cheap in San Antonio Area

    Still got any carboys? If so what size and how much? Thanks. Kim
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    What are your "Top 10" including equipment/tips/tricks pertaining to Kit Wine Making?

    Wanted to direct you to the ‘Yeast topic forum’ here. Lots of info on different yeasts preferences inc BDX
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    What are your "Top 10" including equipment/tips/tricks pertaining to Kit Wine Making?

    Nope but sounds great! Please report back
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    Austin grape juice buckets

    Really nice group of folks great meetings once a month. We’re pretty new to the group find it on Facebook San Antonio regional wine guild discussion group... pm me with your email if you can’t find it or have questions.
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    Austin grape juice buckets

    Nice to meet you Stefan! Mea culpa!
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    Austin grape juice buckets

    I’m guessing you’re Wilhelm, nice to meet you. No, it was the Houston folks last year that didn’t respond - if I got the story correct it wasn’t clear to Ally C. that they only wanted to arrange for their group - not a problem and I can understand that. I’m in San Antonio so For me to get to...
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    What are your "Top 10" including equipment/tips/tricks pertaining to Kit Wine Making?

    I’ve used a bunch. I go to the morewinemaking yeast description page and find one suitable for the wine that matches my taste. I’ve used rp-15, clos, d80, d254, d21, bm45, assmanhausen, rc212, e1118 - I’m not the most experienced with these but seems to me e1118gets the Job done without...
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    The "Leaky Cauldron" - Cellar Craft Showcase Old Vine Zinfandel

    I’ve done 2-3 dozen kit wines.... this has got to be one of the top 3... if not #1. Make sure you save some and age a bottle one year 2 yrs and 3 years... it’s tough as your first kit but I promise you it will be worth it!