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    Apple cider..

    Hello everyone. I have been making hard cider for a couple of years now, and have tried a couple of methods and ingredients.. I have found my groove, and think that I have a good solid semi sweet cider with a cick(about 8 to 9 percent abv).. I have done some thinking, and I wonder if I could add...
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    honey wine/ mead??

    Some Mead tips I remember thinking the same thing when I made my first batch of mead.. And despite my anxious anticipation, the batch took 7 months to finish!! Don't lose hope with the batch, it'll turn out fine.. Take this time to start another batch.. And, if you didn't already, next time...
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    Your favorite "Off-beat" Wine

    Juniper/hawthorn berry wine I have a batch of juniper/ hawthorne wine just finishing up now, and it tastes like a fruity/piny(almost like a grapefruit taste, but with other flavors added). I also am now making a black current wine, using honey as a sweetener(I just started this one, so I'll...
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    Greetings & Mead question

    Hi Serena, Last year I made a batch of mead that took 7 months to finish fermentation, and then it cleared shortly after that.. Mead will generally take quite a bit of time to clear because the sugars in honey are hard for the yeast to break down. One of the keys to making this a shorter...
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    cranberry wine, anyone interrested?

    I'll try it.. Yes, please send me the recipe, I'll give it a shot. Thanks, Kevin
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    Wednesday hellos from L.A.

    Welcome! Welcome Grape Stomp. I look forward to gleaning from your knowledge and experience, and maybee I even offer some advice. kevin
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    Hard Apple Cider

    I am just curious to see what methods and ingredients everyone else uses to make hard apple cider, or apple wine. I have made apple wine for about 2 years now, and I like how it tastes, but I recently tried another wine that was alot lower in alcohol, and its taste was sweet and smooth, and it...
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    Make bread with WINE yeast? :D

    Re:Make Bread with wine yeast My mom recently ran out of bread yeast, and she really wanted to make a loaf of her special bread(made in a bread making machine). So, when she found my white wine yeast(anchor vt208, I think), she decided to just pitch that in instead of bread yeast. The results...
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    I had a question about something.

    Re:Gin It sounds to me like this recipe is meant to be used for a quick and easy rice wine. It sounds to me like it should work. So, it sounds like you have got the yeast working, and that's good, but yeast won't live very long unless given the right conditions.. First, you will need to make...
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    Blueberry wine/melomel

    Some recipes for you.. Hello. In my wine making experience, it has been my personal goal to make all different types of wine, and so I have done alot of internet research on winemaking and good recipes to use.. A site I found useful was : http://www.honeycreek.us/recipe.htm I hope you find...
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    And another new member

    Welcome to the site! Blueberry is good! I finished my second batch of Blueberry this year(about 5 months ago), and it is delicious! Good luck, and keep us posted on the progress..
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    Hi - another new member jumping in

    Welcome! Welcome Fred, I look forward to gleaning from your experiences, and hopefully I can help w/ questions too.. Kevin
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    Wine Swap?

    Sure..why not. Hello, I live in upstate,NY; about 3 hours from the lower part of VT.. I think it would be nice to try another home wine maker's wine, and I am always looking for outside opinions on the taste and overall quality of my wine.. Let me know if you want to. I have: rice wine...
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    Wine Making Wish Lists

    I wish... Well, like most everyone else, I feel like a kid at the candy store whenever I go to the local wine supply store.. I recently purchased a wine filter, which is cool, but I would really like to have a couple of large primary fermenters(about 20 Gallons), and a few more carboys.. I...
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    Hello Everyone!

    Hello, Chris, welcome to the forum. Hello Chris, I, myself, have been making wine for 2 years, and I am amazed at how much I've learned already.. This site has been very helpful to me, and I'm sure it will to you you, too. Welcome aboard. Kevin