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    Other Tweeking Cheap Kits

    Hmmmmm....champagne yeast is a higher alcohol yeast strain, able to withstand alcohol content in the 17% (by volume) range. The more standard wine yeasts typically have a hard time surviving 15%. If you get a low alcohol result from this it will be extremely dry - which might be to your liking!
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    Other Master Vitner Kits - What's your experience?

    Jim and Ron make excellent points. I personally do not step below the mid-range wine kits...used to make them earlier on but I have found the quality in the result is much higher as you spend in a little more. Also the results are more predictable with the higher-end kits. They seem to come out...
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    Klr wine filter

    Not trying to clutter, excuse the interruption. Please return to your regularly scheduled broadcast.
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    Stuck/ slow blueberry wine

    Try champagne yeast? Problem might be that the wine ends up being 'hot' (higher alcohol), but worth a try at this point. Small amount in a cup of water - 70 degrees or so. Once it starts foaming a little gently stir it in. Do this a couple of times and see if fermentation starts back up. Keep...
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    IMHO....5, 6 week ferment-to-bottle kits are best left alone for a few months. Bottling that early will result in either exploding bottles, popping corks, or fizzy wine when you open it (with lots of yummy sediment to hopefully not disturb). Do yourself a huge favor... Primary fermentation of 3...
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    aging question

    Not sure of the post went thru....trying one more time... Okay - true confession time. I know some might disagree completely, and that is fine, but hear me out on this. I get nervous leaving a carboy in a closet or other storage space for months or years with the potential to explode. Plus I...
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    When Can You......?

    Couple of things about raisins... 1. They bloat up after adding them, which will remove some water from the must. I guess they might incidentally increase the body in doing so....? 2. If you don't macerate them they will not release a lot of flavors or body to the existing must. 3. They are...
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    super tuscan blend

    When I make my Super Tuscan from home kits I ferment 2 carboys of Sangiovese, and 1 each of the Merlot and Cab Sauv. I blend the 2 Sangiovese carboys with half each of the other two, so the blend is 66% Sangiovese, 16.5% Cab, and 16.5% Merlot. The missing 1% is pure love. The result is...
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    Filter or Not to filter, Sorbate and Juicy Fruit

    Sorbate... I don't use it. It adds a sweetness that I don't really care for. Yeast is typically in the 1 to 2 micron size range, most of which can be eliminated by using a 1 micron gravity feed filter. Smaller yeast might get left in the wine, and yes, they can start fermenting again. In order...
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    Klr wine filter

    Hi Traveler - I make the KLR Wine Filter. Please don't think I am trying to sell it on this forum, I have a great deal of respect and love for wine makers and sites (such as this one) that bring our community together. I would not want to clutter a great gathering with marketing junk! We just...