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    Kieselsol & Chitosan

    I usually put on the post-it-notes but someone had move them and I got side I don't do that again. Need to get in better habits.
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    Kieselsol & Chitosan

    Not a newby but I think I screwed up with Chitosan. Have 3 carboys going that I siphoned on Tues. had 1 Chitosan to add yesterday the others were added same day as I siphoned. What happens if I add a second Chitosan to a wine by accident. With this covid we have family living with us and I never...
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    New Winexpert Kits

    I have made many of the WE kits and had very good outcomes. Used both expensive Eclipse and the cheaper. I have also used RJS and find more of the local suppliers are keeping them in stock now. But I am glad summer is coming and I can make more from scratch now.
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    Oak infusion

    I soaked a few 25 in bourbon, over night, let them dry out and after second raking put them in. It turned out quite good.
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    New Guy From A Chokecherry Grove in N. MN

    I got started making wine because of all the chokecherries on our property. I must say that the chokecherry is fabulous after it has aged a year. The raspberry and crab apple within 6 months we enjoyed. So enjoy...I also like rhubarb and many others.!!!!
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    Need a corker.

    Well I must be a wimp because I can only do #8's with my double handle corker and we are looking a floor corker because I am enjoying making to much wine. Now my problem is I don't live near any place that sells this stuff and I keep reading and don't know which to go to.
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    I do all my wine in back room of basement and if the temp drops to low I put a heating pad around and it works really good. I have been doing this for 3 years now. I use the most on white's or blushing wines
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    What are you making and what have you made ???

    I first started with: Pin Cherry and have made 3 variations now. Rhubarb, and have made this 3 times. Mountain Ash which is different and very good. Black Cherry Strawberry Black Raspberry and Red the red better Apple 4 different times and all different and loved each Peach...
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    Should I or shouldn't I...

    Thank you..thank you..
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    Should I or shouldn't I...

    Eight weeks into my wine and into clearing -racked and added Kieselsol and was waiting a hour to add Clarifier but had family emergency and spent the last 4 days at hospital. After Kieselsol everything I have read says add clarifier within 24 hours....should I just go ahead and add the...
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    Stuck fermentation, have to leave for 9 days

    I am having similar problem with the Strawberry wine..can see bubbles rising but never got a bubble build up on top only been going 60 hrs. and it is in a cool 67 area of basement. Is this normal for strawberry?
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    Acid Blend short..replacement?

    Using a wine concentrate and have everything almost mixed when dropped bottle of Acid Blend needed 5 T. and only now have 1T- 1 1/2 t in...haven't put in yeast yet..should I put yeast in or wait until I get the Acid Blend and how long can I wait?
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    Wine Kitz Wine Kit blowing the cork

    Thanks everyone....I used your idea's and nothing has blown its cork for awhile and I just bottled 30 bottles of pincherry making some adjustments using your all's info and hoping they stay solid....always liked using EC-1118 in wild fruit wines...but think I will change that also.
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    Wine Kitz Wine Kit blowing the cork

    :?:?:?Ok I am a sort of newbie....I have made 6 different wines from scratch with fresh fruit and 2 kits...I used a Black Raspberry wine kit 6 months ago and went totally by instructions..and actually let it sit a week or 2 longer before almost 6 months later I have had 3 bottles...
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    How do you make wine?

    I totally agree with Scooter68..the fruit concentrate I ordered was to mix with some fruit I had and when I got the can it had labeled all these other ingredients.....I really love making fruit latest problem is my Blackberry wine has started popping the cork 5 months after being...