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  • Just saw your response. Thanks for the info.... BTW I like the Big Red Tempernillo. Started to play around with an open source publisher called Scriptus and pulled down a couple images that I am playing with. Thanks for the guidence on template size
    Hey, sorry, just saw your message. I don't have a graphics background apart from messing around with Paint Shop Pro for a good number of years. You can do a LOT of the things that Photo Shop can do at a fraction of the price. There are probably a lot of free programs that have the capability. Most of my labels are just artwork I've ripped of from the internet and rearranged to suit my needs. Others are "fun with fonts" like the Big Red Tempernillo. We're still not sure if that's the one that will go on the bottles.

    Thanks for the comments and if you have any other questions about the software let me know.

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