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    making wine from Marquette grapes

    Check out this paper on cofermentation vs blending post fermentation. I believe it suggests that you will get higher tannin levels blending post fermentation though I can’t access the full text. Nonlinear Behavior of Protein and Tannin in Wine Produced by Cofermentation of an Interspecific...
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    Rose From Frozen Red Grapes

    Thanks @Ajmassa ! Really enjoyed your parking lot saignee post and the info you just shared here. I’ll see if I can talk to the growers to get same day crushed or whole grapes and crush myself. amd will definitely treat it as an experiment with no right or wrong outcome! Worst case is an overly...
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    Rose From Frozen Red Grapes

    This is good advice, thank you! I may be able to get non frozen crushed must but probably would be darker than I want. I also want to make a concentrated red, so perhaps getting some white and blending to get the desired colour works. Then I can have a concentrated red, white and rose! Cheers to...
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    Rose From Frozen Red Grapes

    Hi all I’m interested in making a rose (saignee method) this fall. What type of colour would you get for the rose using already crushed grapes (fresh or frozen). I have access to crushed must most easily, but I am concerned it would be too dark. any tips or experience would be appreciated!
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    Fruitiness taste

    I am experiencing this overly fruity kit wine taste in my RJS En Primeur Super Tuscan and Amarone. I am at 1 year and still have that flavor though it is fading. This could be why many recommend aging for 2 years or more. Hoping it resolves in the next year!
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    making wine from Marquette grapes

    During aging have you found the wine to lose tannins and get thinner than at bottling? Curious what changes you notice as the wine develops in the bottle.
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    making wine from Marquette grapes

    @wood1954 I’m new to hybrids (I like baco noir), but I wanted to try to drain some of the juice to make a rose and have a more substantial red as well. Have you tried that before?
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    Tannins in new hybrid varieties

    Tannin content in hybrids is a very interesting problem. I have been working on a side project to overcome this with new technology and have got good results with baco noir. I would love to talk with any commercial hybrid winemakers about this if anyone is interested. Please send me a DM if you...
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    2020 Zins and Super Tuscan Press day

    Very exciting! What is the taste like out of the fermenter? I’m trying to learn how tannins and bitterness develop, curious what you taste right out of fermentation.
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    making wine from Marquette grapes

    Anyone try an EM in Marquette to increase tannin levels? I just pitched yeast on a baco noir and am considering doing this. Will also add oak during ML fermentation to try and get more structure.
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    Hybrid Red Grapes

    Awesome, thank you! I don’t have control over the grapes but will adjust acid after aging a bit to see if it’s needed.
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    Hybrid Red Grapes

    Hi all I’ve made kits a few times and am going to try my hand at red wine from grapes. Ive read a lot on here about working with grapes, but don’t see much on hybrid grapes. Any tips on working with hybrids compared to vinifera? I’ve read they are usually high acid and low tannin, but any other...
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    Superkleer question.

    If there was enough protein and yeast for the kieselsol (stage 1) to drop out you are fine. You could do a small sample with a bit of chitosan added to see if anything drops out. I would be worried that not all the stage 1 dropped out and will later precipitate in the bottle, but a small sample...
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    Looking for Kosher ingredients

    What types of clearing agents are you looking for?