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  1. J

    pH and TA Madness

    Post ferment was simply off the pressed skins as the must was already at 70F. I didn’t put in blender or anything. Today I just tried taking a sample to a rolling boil in the microwave as was suggested above and that didn’t really change anything as the pH was still about 3.23.
  2. J

    pH and TA Madness

    Good questions, I’m at a loss as well: PH meter is Milwaukee MW102 and was calibrated at 2 points (7.01 and 4.01) Preferment sample was indeed strained and was also tested about 3 times to help ensure accuracy TA kit is only a few months old but also tested a wine from last year and was able to...
  3. J

    WineXpert Winexpert Eclipse Lodi Old Vine Zinfandel

    Mine was by the book and not very oaky so don’t think there was a lot...but it was several years ago.
  4. J

    pH and TA Madness

    It’s tart, but I knew the pH when I tasted it so it was a biased taste. It’s in the barrel from now and will stay there for 6-9 months so I won’t be doing anything to it anytime soon.
  5. J

    pH and TA Madness

    This is getting pretty frustrating that the numbers look pretty good preferment and then swing wildly during fermentation and MLF. My Chilean Syrah started on 5/13 has changed as follows: pH: 3.52 ->3.23 TA: 0.42 -> 0.79 I had a hell of a time reducing acid on my Chilean Merlot from last year...
  6. J

    Degassing during Cellaring

    Is this the adjustable valve? I’ve always just made sure the blue marker lines (were on it when I got it) are aligned. Guess I can try adjusting.
  7. J

    Degassing during Cellaring

    So I have a cellar that I keep at about 60F which I use for bulk aging carboys for about 12-18 months before bottling. I also use the AIO vacuum pump which I use to rack the wine 2-4 times over this period. Given that I am bulk aging for over a year and also vacuum racking I don’t feel like I...
  8. J

    Homemade vs. Commercial and what I am doing to close the gap

    Interesting. I work in the power plant business and in these applications a typical cooling system has just one circulating pump running with each “load” having a supply and return branch to/from the main loop. You can easily adjust the temp for each load by opening/closing the throttle valve...
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    Homemade vs. Commercial and what I am doing to close the gap

    I did a 3 day cold soak on my Syrah this year but my scale is small. I use 2 chest freezers that I can fit about six 5 gal buckets in. I could probably double that by removing the lid, adding a 2x10 “collar” and then replacing the lid back on top of the collar to let me stack buckets on top of...
  10. J

    New Barrels for Forum Members

    I can’t say it’s not worth the expense for you because some people really seem to enjoy the kits. I was just saying that the premium kits never really hit the mark for me even after trying several things to enhance the wine so I finally gave all grape a shot and am really happy. In the US there...
  11. J

    New Barrels for Forum Members

    I have oaked some kits in a barrel now and have concluded it’s still not what I want so switched to all grape. There is really no comparison IMO.
  12. J

    Barrel vs Flextank

    Interesting read at the 6 month mark on an experiment between the two vessels:
  13. J

    Dual Yeast

    I’ve been wanting to try splitting a batch of the same must and fermenting it on 2 different yeasts so I did it this spring with my Chilean Syrah. I split the must 50/50 and one got BM4x4 while the other got RC212. Both of the fermentation’s were pretty similar in terms of temp and time. Before...
  14. J

    Extended Maceration

    I have fermented buckets that I dumped on freshly pressed skins from a all grape batch. They fermented really quickly due to all the yeast on those skins (3-4 days) and came out thin. My thought are the longer they are on the skins the better so if I ever do a bucket again I’m not pressing for...
  15. J


    I only make reds and I never bottle before a year. I’ve also never noticed any sediment in my finished wines that are over 4 years old at this point. I’m a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” kind of guy so doubt I’ll ever bother.