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    Post your labels here

    The cancer took my wife this summer, just before harvest. Friends convinced me to continue and not lose a year, and also to commerate her with a wine. So, this is the result for the label. The back label explains the name, I hope anyway.
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    Old Vineyard - could it recuperate

    I’m with @salcoco, except I don’t use herbicide, just mow and string trim. They do look like cab, well except for the white one, Kind looks like Chardonnay but I can’t really see the leaf. Of course, not knowing where you are, there could be lots of possibilities. Unlikely it is a mutation more...
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    Bladder Press Blowouts

    My net “bag” is really a cylinder. Could you suspend it lower, Lettie wrap words the bladder, creating a bit of a cup? If yours is like mine, it would be short at the top by 3-4 inches but maybe the lesser of two evils.
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    Grape Identification: Pacific North West

    There are some unique ones grown on the “wet side”. How old is the vine, house, neighborhood? What color do they get once really ripe? As in did you leave any till they rotted to see? Color reminds me of Gwertraminer, almost but the leaf doesn’t look right. Have you tried sending a pic to...
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    Bladder Press Blowouts

    I have the same press and never had the problem. I only have done vinifera and apples tho. Are you getting the basket well seated and the top screw down good? If so, the gap at the bottom is really small. I would think something must deform to let must out. Juice squirt yes! I too use the mesh...
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    First time making wine, need help knowing if my grapes are ready for harvest!

    I forgot to paste quotes. Regarding fatalities in the nets, As long as you overlap the net at seams and completely wrap the cordons, leaving no spot a bird can get in, it works. Only casualties I’ve had are ones that fly straight into the net, but that is in an open vineyard. In a backyard I...
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    I’m with @Johnd. I always just put them in. Of course, I keep a clean winery and live in a dry climate. Anything you soak them in will leach out some of the oak stuff you are wanting for the wine.
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    First time harvesting and fermenting fresh grapes

    Nice list. I question the refractometer, the vineyard should tell you what they have. Once you’ve picked, rely on the hydrometer. I like two, standard and a short range for less than 5 Brix. They are spendy though. I can’t comment on yeast or chemicals as I haven’t done those grapes. For mlb...
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    when to filter

    How long has it been in the bottle? Could it just be bottle shock? I’ve never heard of a filter stripping the benefit of oak. Since most oak is from a barrel and filtering is after aging, if it is done, I can’t see that being the issue.
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    Log book recommendations?

    I use a 9X9. Seems to just work for me. More space on the crowded counter. My notes ar3 much more free form than you or @Scooter68 has. I’ll have to work on that.
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    My new must pump unboxing

    Hope you have a good harvest! I haven’t measured yet. I did get an email from a local grower. They are showing 17-19 Brix on early whites. We’ve had tons of smoke and cooler weather, so seems we may up on a normal schedule after all.
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    My new must pump unboxing

    What did you harvest already?
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    Wine from homegrown grapes....Beta and Swanson Red

    @salcoco has it right. I’d add, buy the best pH meter you can afford. If you don’t have the three bills for a good one, the simple ones for $50 or so on Amazon will do in a pinch, but promise yourself to get a good one when you can. A good pH meter and sulphite test setup, thus the vinimetrica...
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    what can I use for topping the wine when transferring to sec.

    @Ajmassa5983 has it right, but match the quality of wine you add to what you think you have. If you got Paisano, then go that route. If you use water two things happen. You dilute the flavors, but more importantly you raise the pH which can be a very bad thing. Last idea is buy a bunch of the...
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    Mold on oak barrel bung

    Irish, Scottish or Iceland?