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    Recommended: Complete Grape Growing System

    I have grown enormous quantities of fruits and vegetables (common and exotic) for practically all my life and I consider myself to have a bit of green thumb... However, up until a couple of years ago I had never had much success with growing grape vines. No matter how much TLC I gave them...
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    Carrying on a family tradition

    this is a wonderful story & post... good luck!
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    Wine Making Fool

    I dont know how you can maintain that sort of self-discipline... :h
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    hi everyone

    Hi Eddy, what type of brewing are you into?
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    another NY newbie

    Hi Pat, Im new too... what types of brews have you been doing?
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    New to the forum, just want to say hi!

    Watch out vinegarwinenoob, making your own wine gets to be very addictive...
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    hello all from the UK

    Hey Bubble Head, love your name!
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    Wine from fruit juice?

    Yes, a list of your ingredients would be helpful
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    Hello from Central America

    I've not tried it, but it sounds wonderful!
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    Hello :-)

    Thanks Smurfie!
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    Hello :-)

    Hey Everyone, I bookmarked this website at some point in the last year (can’t remember exactly when) and it lay dormant hidden in a maze of disorganized folders and directories until today when I stumbled upon it whilst attempting to sort out the mess. Well, I’m certainly glad I found it...