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    Backsweetening Strawberry Wine

    Welcome to WMT! As @BernardSmith already said, measuring the wine's TA is one of the most important pieces of information second to the wine's SG. You can pick up a titration kit here on Amazon for under $20 that will give you a good estimate of your acid. Knowing the amount of acid in the wine...
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    All my wines are filtered. Dry barrel-aged reds get 3um and 1um plate&frame. White and sweets also get 0.45um plate&frame plus 0.45um sterile membrane filtering on the way to the bottler. The goal is to ensure there is never any sediment, cloudiness or bottle re-fermentation.
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    Vineyard maintenance Mower question

    I'll second the John Deere. My 2009 Z445 is excellent for vineyard mowing and can take the random rocks and such that inevitably end up in the row
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    Could what happened to oil, happen to grapes this year?

    This concern of a glut in grapes and hardships for small wineries is spot-on. WineAmerica is a DC lobbying group that represents wineries across the US. They say: "The Covid-19 crisis will also have a negative impact on grape growers, with the average winery respondent projecting a 22% drop in...
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    Why does my mead taste horrible?

    This sounds like it oxidized badly. I don't see that you used any sulfites in your list but that might just be assumed. Regardless, the pH in mead tends to run high meaning some acid addition via fruit (melomel) or acid blend helps get it down. Higher pH wines are much more prone to oxidation...
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    Preventing Malolactic Fermentation

    I use a 10-inch "PES-plus-.45" membrane filter and the corresponding cartridge housing you can find under the Filtration link from Of course to keep from clogging the $115 filter immediately, the wine is pre-filtered through sequentially tighter pad filters down to 0.45 micron. I'll...
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    Preventing Malolactic Fermentation

    For my whites, I hit them hard with Sulfites when fermentation is complete, add sorbate if I'm going to, and get them cold stabilized. I'll then top up with a light amount of sulfites prior to bottling. Never used lysozyme nor ever have had mlf in the bottle. Truth to be told, I also sterile...
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    Best Red Hybrid Grape For Wine

    I'm growing both Foch and Millot. The Foch is still getting established but I've bought Foch grapes for years. I've gotten 4 harvests out of the Millot so far. These varietals are sisters and have similar but complimentary characteristics. Clusters tend to be smallish (0.2lb) and the vines can...
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    Grape speicies

    Sounds like you are possibly describing American slip skin grapes such as concord or Catawba. Both would be trellised high due to their downward growth habit. Both easily separate flesh from skins with a squeeze. Catawba are lighter, burgundy colored while concord are quite dark purple. I...
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    Tartrite Crystals in my wine

    Be sure you add the majority of your potassium (Sulfites, sorbate, bicarb) to the wine prior to cold stabilizing. I chill the wine to 26-28F and pitch in potassium bitartrate crystals (aka cream of tartar) to seed the crystal formation. I measure the wine conductivity for the next several days...
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    Poll for those knowledgeable on methods to eliminate H2S, comments please.

    And don't just take my word for it... From the NIH Copper poisoning case from a failed check valve on a soda carbonator:
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    Poll for those knowledgeable on methods to eliminate H2S, comments please.

    You will be when you overdose with copper and spend the afternoon throwing up
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    Anyone tried Cotton Candy floss sugar?

    Or do a straight Skeeter and back sweeten with the floss sugar. I'd be a little concerned with what flavors the yeast will make out of the artificial stuff in the mix. Maybe ec1118 would be neutral enough. Let us know how it turns out
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    Theory: rabbits contributing to crown gall?

    I've noticed that many of my young vines trained from suckers last season have been neatly cut about 5 inches from the ground over the winter. I'll also be putting those in wire cages this fall.
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    Theory: rabbits contributing to crown gall?

    Yeah, I figure I'll use some 1/2" mesh fencing to make some 18" high cylinders I'll place around the vines. It isn't practical for me to fence in the vineyard against rabbits.