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    Prickly Pear Wine

    @graeme , How is the umeshu turning out?
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    What is this fruit?

    @Jesse Brown , no not yet. We just bought a house last fall though and I'm planning a food forest in the backyard. At some point we will be planting some Asian persimmons, so I'll be following if you decide to go that route. I've finally given up on making mead/wine with American persimmons...
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    Nope. Texas. But NM is my 2nd favorite place.

    Nope. Texas. But NM is my 2nd favorite place.
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    Prickly Pear Wine

    Also, once they have been consistently exposed to the air and turn brown, I would toss them. I use the above weights when I make preserved lemons and it keeps them submerged nicely for the better part of a year before I am ready to use them.
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    Prickly Pear Wine
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    Prickly Pear Wine

    Put something on top of the plums to keep them submerged. In canning, I use small glass discs made to fit into widemouth canning jars. Historically, our ancestors used sterilized rocks, bits of ceramic, whatever.
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    May 2017 Wine of the Month Club

    Time to get this one in the bottle. It is absolutely amazing and I'm calling it a win. The only thing I would change is using a wee bit less chamomile.
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    March 2018 WOTM Club

    Ok, so then, in theory...Adding honey to 1.05 (or 1.06), then bottling once I hit 1.01 will give me plenty of carbonation. Any suggestions on a nonfermentable sugar that works well with mead?
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    March 2018 WOTM Club

    Oh thanks, this is all great information. What do you think the SG is around when you bottle? And what do you bottle in? So I'm assuming you don't find that it needs pasteurization? I have flip top bottles that I can use for bottling so I'll likely go that route.
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    March 2018 WOTM Club

    Oops, I didn't explain it well enough. Everyone does their own recipe for whatever they want. You are welcome to do Cucumber Lime, but just letting you know you don't have to! I won't start mine until Sunday or Monday probably. I'll probably start with 3 quarts of water, all my frozen...
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    March 2018 WOTM Club

    Here's the basics: It does require a little legwork. Once you chose a yeast strain, you will need to go to that manufacturer's page and see if the strain has low, medium, or high nutrient requirements. Once that is figured out, go here and plug in your...
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    March 2018 WOTM Club

    I usually go by not adding something unless it is specifically needed. I know adding acid or bicarbonate is routinely trotted out as needed for meads but I know more than one pro meadmaker that don't mess about with it unless they have a legit stalled ferment. They wait until ferment is...
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    March 2018 WOTM Club idea what I'll be using for yeast. More than likely a neutral type of beer yeast but I need to do a bit more research on that. Of course, I can always use a wine yeast and I'm rather partial to D47 and K1-V1116 so those are options. I want to bottle condition so whatever I do will...
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    March 2018 WOTM Club

    Well, I'm just wanting something light and carbonated for summer. More with a summertime flavor. If I go with option 2, I've got a huge bag of frozen cut up cucumbers that I'll be using. I don't add acid until after fermentation is complete.
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    Berry mead, and a question about starting SG

    Well?! Get on it, son!