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    Chilean Juice Bucket

    Sounds like we have some things in common! What did you pick up (I have zinfandel and syrah)? Have not had problems with pH on these buckets in the past (or this year). Waiting for that lovely aroma to start....
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    Chilean Juice Bucket

    Same source - probably passed by you at pick-up day yesterday (were you the one with the truck getting a dozen buckets in front of me? Just kidding). These do have yeast already (something bullet-proof like EC1118) and usually start to show fermentation about 48h after I bring them home. I added...
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    Risk to kit of juice bucket MLF

    Good info - hopefully easier to avoid than to encourage!
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    Risk to kit of juice bucket MLF

    Workflow biosecurity...bringing my day job home. Extra sanitation I can do (although some might say that is already overkill - never!) Thanks for the quick response.
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    I may change my views on Rosé Wine

    Had the privilege of working on a non-profit board with a family member of a local, well respected wine shop. I made the comment a few years ago about not liking roses (too sweet). Without being too tacky about my age, he gently suggested I was overly influenced by the Beringer White Zinfandel...
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    Risk to kit of juice bucket MLF

    Will be starting 2 Chilean juice buckets later this week and intend to co-inoculate with MLB. I have a LE20 kit (grenache/tannat/shiraz) in process that would normally be sitting in the same area as the new buckets. Is there significant risk of accidental inoculation of the kit with MLB? Do I...
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    RJS En Primeur vs WE Private Res with skins

    i just started the LE2020 Grenache Tannat Shiraz a week ago - same experience. Chapitalized up to 1.098 because I had already added most of the water.
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    Grape packs

    I did - finally called them when I could never get the website to load the item into the cart. They said they didn't have any and were unsure when they would have the all grape pack again. :(
  9. J

    Grape packs

    Has anyone been able to order these lately? I have been trying for awhile - not available.
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    One more technical possibility - how are you testing your SG? I was gifted a Tilt hydrometer awhile back - over time, it has proven to be reliable in the initial stages and almost useless when nearing the end of fermentation. I had several ferments that frustratingly 'stopped' early (around...
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    Post a Meme, any Meme! (no politics)

    I speak this language!!!
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    Wine duds— Do you dump or salvage?

    Getting late in the season, but vin brûlée is another option. Our Italian daughter-in-law introduced us to it - nice on a dark, cold winter evening. Or a cool spring/fall evening at the cabin, sitting by the lake. Like sangria and wine coolers, quality wine is not an advantage. I can share her...
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    Tilt, hydrometer and yeast selection

    Excellent detail and description - thank you. I definitely want something 14% or below and have started the corrections. Interesting, my volume is right back up to (maybe slightly over) 6 gal, suggesting that the combination of shorting the water some and adding currants had more combined impact...
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    Tilt, hydrometer and yeast selection

    Thanks so much - definitely have no desire for a finished product that hot. So 15% of 5 gal = add 0.75 gal water. While I can do the complicated math, curious what shortcut you used (assuming you did)?
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    Tilt, hydrometer and yeast selection

    A woman with two watches... I have been using a Tilt (wireless hydrometer/thermometer) in addition to my regular hydrometer for awhile now. I quickly figured out that the Tilt's accuracy becomes iffy as the fermentation gets close to finishing - below 1.010, I rely on my hydrometer. So my habit...