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    Questions to RJS

    Thank you for humorous comment. 👍 Your winemaking skills are great, but traveling in time is much more impressive. 😆😜 It was my first thought, but perhaps you bottle wine after 7 months aging in carboy, so no travel in time. 🙁
  2. J

    Questions to RJS

    So, I've got nice response from RJS. Hightails and limited release kits will not be continued. :-( Please notice, that Limited Release kits are not RQ (restricted quantity). RQs will be released yearly, no change here. They agreed that lowering volume of the kits brings lots of savings with...
  3. J

    Questions to RJS

    Let me answer questions from Khristyjeff and Hypno. About 25 years ago my wines were definitely not great, and absolutely had that bad strain of taste, which we call now "kit taste". Not for the last 20 years. We were doing blind testing with friends, our wines against decent wines from stores...
  4. J

    Questions to RJS

    Pasteurization is a must. Producers would be in big trouble if they sell not pasteurized product. "Kit taste" is not from pasteurization. It is from our mistakes during wine production. Reducing volume from 18 to 14 liters (or from 16 to 10) is not "slightly lower".
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    Questions to RJS

    Here are my comments, put on RJS FB site. No answers yet. Wishing RJS all the best. I am dedicated customer with about 50 RJS kits under my belt. I am very worried about recent changes at your company. Any honest information about your future would help a lot. We need you! Somebody has to...
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    New Winexpert Kits

    Thanks for replying. My answer is no, and don't think so. Looks like my source (owner of the store) is not as reliable as expected. My mistake. However, he was referring to the Canadian producers of wine kits, which he has contact with (Winexpert, Vineco, RJ Spagnols). He also was mentioning...
  7. J

    New Winexpert Kits

    Thank you for link to interesting article. Somewhere, between the lines we can find out obvious information that concentrates are made from inferior juices, as opposed to the fresh juices. I know that fresh juices are transported frozen, which increase the cost of the wine kits. I am afraid...
  8. J

    New Winexpert Kits

    I am sure that Andrew Peller Limited (owner of Winexpert and Vineco) learned more than a bit since these kits were introduced. The question is, did they learn to improve quality of the wine kits, or did they learn to improve corporate profits, without big regress in the quality? I do not trust...
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    synthetic corks

    wineh, do not worry at all. Information from SpoiledRotten is just ... spoiled/rotten. :) It is just not true if you buy good brand, like Nomacork. I am using them for years - close to 2000 bottles. More and more producers move to synthetic corks. They are better and better, and often superior...
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    RJ Spagnols Chilean Merlot appears to have gone bad...

    Wicks, I can be wrong, but there is one more possible explanation. If temperature in your cellar is not stable, your carboy can sack fresh air through the airlock inside when temperature is lower, then discharge some gas, when temperature is higher. If it happens daily, it would be like wine...
  11. J

    Need help with selecting another kit!

    CK55, I have noticed that prices of wine kits in US are very high. I am buying sometimes some stuff like corks or filters online at Perhaps Noblegrape can ship to US. (?) Wine kits are much chipper, and in Canadian Dollars. I also do 2-3 kits... per month, hoping...
  12. J

    Need help with selecting another kit!

    My recommendation is definitely one of the RJS kits. Especially En Primeur. Cru Select is also very good. Quality of Winexpert is sliding behind RJS recent years. WE Eclipse is good, but World Vineyard is not worse, but definitely better value.
  13. J

    WineXpert WE LE Petit Ruby Cab

    I am using the same method, and have no problems at all. Except, I use about 1 liter of boiling water and hand-held mixer.
  14. J

    WineMaker Competition 2018

    To my knowledge, Winexpert and Vineco are two entities (companies), but the same owner - Andrew Peller Limited. Cellar Craft is one of the brands of Vineco. Actually two brands: CC Showcase (Premium) and CC Sterling (Value)
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    Help with choosing kit

    I am choosing my wine kits following results of WineMaker International Amateur Wine Competition. So far, I am always very happy. I also discovered new great wines. See my thread