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  1. J

    Greetings & Mead question

    welcome Serena. Unfortunately theres no "fool proof" method that I know of, but I'm sure you can find some tips on this forum and through a search engine like Google or yahoo...good luck!
  2. J

    Dandelion wine

    thanks for posting the recipe Luc...I've never tried dandelion wine and I've been meaning to. Good to hear it turned out well.
  3. J

    Your favorite "Off-beat" Wine

    that sounds delicious....very pina coladaish. Let us know how it turns out!
  4. J

    Forgot to rinse of sterilization solution!

    you should be alright....I'm sure if there were any negative effects from it you would have known by now
  5. J

    Hello from Michigan!

    welcome Homer from a fellow home brewer!
  6. J


    Hi everyone, my name is Jack. I'm from PA and I love wine! I'm looking to get into making my own and I'm looking forward to all the info.
  7. J

    Hi from NEPA

    Hey Joanne, I'm from NEPA as well. Welcome!