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    What are you doing today?

    So... as your mother would say... Just because Runningwolf jumps off a cliff doesn't mean U should too.......
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    Apfelwein (Hard German Apple Cider)

    wade... I have made both..... SP and Apfelwein U need to get with the program :tz
  3. IQwine

    steam juicer

    a Mehu-Liisa is great
  4. IQwine

    Jalapeno Pepper Wine

    :tz Looks like 1 too many jalapeno peppers in there Wolf :sh
  5. IQwine

    Another apple wine

    where's all your helpers ??
  6. IQwine

    Skeeter Pee

    Give it a 5 minute whipping
  7. IQwine

    new to forum from iowa

    Iowa people :tz:tz:db:db:b
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    Happy birthday Tom!

    Not Older..... Just wiser :dg Happy Birthday, Tom !!
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    Happy, Happy Birthday !!!
  10. IQwine

    Tasty Skeeter Pee

    Sam's has a 2-48 oz pack for under $5.00 ...... check it out.:tz:tz:tz Perfect for a 5 gal batch
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    How ripe do you let your 'nanners get??

    Like this, Tom????
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    Helpful suggestions for what to do with empty wine bottles

    refill with wine is a great idea :slp
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    Good News - I Have Tennis Elbow

    U could host the next wine club meeting and put a corking demo on the agenda..... everyone helps you bottle... :):)
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    welcome... this is the place to be :b
  15. IQwine

    Fruit recipe BOOK

    Tom needs to write a BOOK :tz